FIRST LOOK: TEMPING – An Immersive Show Experience

As this pandemic simmers down, bringing audiences back to the movie theater experience will help by trying out new and innovative technologies. Experiences that you can’t easily achieve at home.

Here’s what TEMPING is about:

Sarah Jane Tully, a 53-year-old actuary, is taking her first vacation in years, and you’ve been hired to cover for her. TEMPING, the strange and comic tale of an employee’s inner life, is performed for an audience of one by a Windows PC, a corporate phone, a laser printer, and the Microsoft Office Suite. Filling in at Sarah Jane’s cubicle, you’ll update client records, send emails, and eavesdrop on intra-office romance. Each performance is unique, depending on which tasks you accomplish and which of your co-workers you decide to trust. Congratulations, you’re the new temp! Get ready to work.

Dutch Kills Theater’s Immersive Show TEMPING Begins Previews in October

Immersive shows seem like something new to add to our expanding movie theater technology list (see: Different Enhanced Screening Audio and Video Theater Experiences).

Check out what this innovative experience involves:

With no live performers, the piece interacts with the single audience member and challenges them with themes of human interaction through technology, isolation, and death. Contrasting the anonymity of an Excel spreadsheet with furtive moments of human intimacy, TEMPING brings you deep into the heart of corporate America.

DutchKillsTheater, where TEMPING is showing, has even more details how this works. It’s a one person at a time experience (emphasis below is mine):

TEMPING will be performed in the gallery space at The Wild Project by appointment only, and for only one patron at a time. There is an allotted 30 minutes in between the end of one performance and the beginning of the next, to allow the HVAC air circulation system time for proper ventilation. A mask or face covering is required of each audience member and hand sanitizer will be provided. There will be no personal face to face contact with any member of the staff and the set and props will be sanitized after each performance.

There is a 30 minute gap between performances for cleaning. This is COVID-19 sanitized friendly experience. Yes, masks are required.

Before you say, this would never work at a traditional movie theater, expand your mind a bit.

Where would something like this fit in a movie theater? How about taking out the arcade in the lobby and setting up there? Those arcades are social distancing nightmares right now anyway — and out of commission in many areas.

(I know, what will the kids do? But we’re talking about getting adult moviegoers back to theaters first, you know, the people with the $$$ to spend)

Put this Immersive Show facing the concessions, your major money maker in the theater. Theater owners, you need to think, think, think about alternative ways to bring us back. It’s going to require more than $5 classic movies. If TEMPING was showing locally, we’d definitely check this out.

Don’t listen to me, theater owners, you know what you’re doing. Or do listen, if you want to stay in business. The point is thinking outside the box is more likely to bring customers to YOUR theater then doing nothing new, having very few new movies from studios to screen. That’s the environment coming in October 2020 and possibly further beyond. Think about it.

Would this type of experience draw you back to the theaters?

Where is the Dutch Kills Theater? Good question. It’s at The Wild Project in New York City:

If you live in or near New York City, TEMPING is opening soon, let us know what you think!

TEMPING opens and runs from October 23 – November 22, 2020 at The Wild Project in New York City with tickets ranging from $10-45 USD. See for tickets.

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