OBVIOUS: Oscars Best Picture New Diversity Requirements Continue Receiving Criticism

Certainly by now most of you’ve heard of the new rules to be adopted by the Academy for Best Picture to take effect for movies in 2024. Best film nominees will be required to represent diversity both in front of the camera and the crew behind or they cannot be nominated and, subsequently, have any chance of winning an Oscar.

Of course my initial reaction — and the one I still have — is this is an absurd, unnecessary quota on creativity.

In the eyes of winning an Oscar for best picture, a creative artist being, well, creative are under assault. New rules will attach importance over diversity both behind the camera and in front. This, essentially now will require looking at the cast and crew and abiding by a diversity checklist.

Bill Maher isn’t impressed and blasts the Academy.

He also said, “We are talking about a world where if you want to make the next ‘Schindler’s List,’ the first thing you’ll need to do is give a racial breakdown of all your employees. Does anyone see the irony in that?… Some of the best movies ever made were by refugees from communist and fascist countries who got out because they didn’t like being told what art was acceptable.”

Bill Maher Blasts Academy’s New Diversity Rules: They Should Call Best Picture ‘Most Worthy’

I do agree with more diversity being represented behind the camera, but then that’s what’s called equal opportunity employment. We’re supposed to already have that in America, yes/no? I realize Hollywood might be late getting to the party, but we’ve seen a ton of new movies representing social justice causes and many of have been weak. Especially the ones as remakes and sequels like, cough, the most unnecessary Terminator: Dark Fate and Charlie’s Angels.

There can be some really great stories told about characters we don’t normally see on the big screen. Stories with main characters that are disabled, LGBTQ+ and minorities. I’d like to see these movies.

At the same time, I don’t want to see these characters inserted into stories that make no sense just to satisfy and Academy quota. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s likely to happen for films that want to earn Best Picture in 2024.

The reason the word “OBVIOUS” is capitalized in the title is that none of the people who made this new diversity rule seem to live on our planet. The planet where the majority of people are understanding, reasonable, fair, tolerant and loving to fellow human beings. People that believe it’s possible for a creative work to be good without having to be advancing some blatant cause, message or agenda.

Just entertain us by telling a good story. If your story contains characters — logically — that fit these diversity requirements, great. If not, don’t shoehorn them in to make some group “accept” you. It’s not worth whoring your work out that way.

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