STXFilms delays Greenland until TBA 2020

Looking forward to seeing Greenland starring Gerard Butler this week in the United States? Sorry, us too, we’ll have to wait until “TBA 2020.”

Yeah, that dreaded “TBA”, the unknown To Be Announced date in the future.

Deadline said in an article that it will be released at some point in Q4 2020, but I can’t find any other source that states anything that specific “TBA 2020.” (see screenshot taken from Movie Insider further below)

Outside the United States, Greenland has already been screening in some countries.

STXfilms are distributing the movie, which has been released in some countries, such as Belgium, where it was shown in 55 theaters and made a total of $73,112 at the box office. Greenland has now been on a wider release internationally for three weekends and has made a total of $10.2 million as of the end of August. Unfortunately, the postponement of Greendland’s domestic release date was inevitable due to the ongoing global situation still raging on throughout the United States and theaters remaining closed.

Gerard Butler’s Greenland Gets Delayed Indefinitely

Doesn’t seem like the film is doing crazy box office numbers internationally, but it still looks like from the trailer a potentially decent disaster flick.

I’m a fan of the disaster genre, so hoping to see how this one measures up against movies like Armageddon and Tea Leoni’s Deep Impact.

A FIRST LOOK for this film will be coming after the new release date is announced.

If you’re an international reader, have you had a chance to see Greenland yet? No spoilers, please, but let us know what you thought in the comments.

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