Harley Quinn finally receives much deserved season three renewal and DCU will become comics only

Harley is ready to party now that she has a third season on her way!

Have been away celebrating our 31st anniversary, but did not miss that WarnerMedia has made a few announcements, both are not huge surprises. The “big news” this week (see: Jim Lee Promises “big news” Regarding DC Universe’s Future “next week” – Let’s Speculate!) is Harley Quinn, the awesome adult animated series has been greenlit for season three.


Harley Quinn, from showrunners Justin Halpern and Patrick Schumacker, has picked up steam since its first two seasons arrived on HBO Max. Sources say the renewal, which came early Thursday, followed a round of negotiations that hinged on a new budget for the series. That process had been stalled by the major executive shake-up at the streamer that saw senior leaders Bob Greenblatt and Kevin Reilly pushed out and oversight of the platform given to HBO’s Casey Bloys. That all of the original scripted and library offerings on DC Universe would move to HBO Max comes as little surprise.

‘Harley Quinn’ Renewed for Season 3 at HBO Max as DC Universe Drops Scripted | Hollywood Reporter

So happy to see this renewal. It was a ray of sunshine this past year for adult animated series (see: All 26 Harley Quinn Episodes Ranked and Reviewed from first two seasons). If you haven’t binged the first two seasons, my goodness, we suggest putting on your watchlist ASAP. You watch in 4K at DCU. At HBO Max both seasons are available to stream, also.

We’re going to be able to see more of this criminally cool adult animated duo

The less positive news, also widely telegraphed, is that DC Universe is going to be comics-only officially effective January 21, 2021:

Current subscribers won’t need to touch anything on their accounts, they’ll simply see the name of the service change January 21, 2021, and find all the video content missing. But if you really, really love comics it won’t be the worst thing in the world. For $8 a month, or $75 a year, you’ll get access to nearly all of DC Comic’s back catalog, and new issues six months after they hit store shelves. And, unlike DC Universe as it stands right now, the comics-subscription service will begin rolling out internationally in 2021.

The Excellent DC Universe Is Dead, and a Comics-Only Service Is Taking Its Place

For comic books fans, the good news is they are reducing the comics to be available on the service from a year to six months and international audiences will be able to gain access. Will they add additional imprints like the very good Black Label comics? That would be good to see.

Bad news, no price change, although if compared straight up with Marvel’s unlimited comics plan DC Universe Infinite, as it will soon be called, the price is still less expensive at $7.99/month.

We’ve been enjoying a special discounted rate of $5.99/month for DCU that became available around Black Friday 2019. Since my eyes are getting lousier, making reading comics less enjoyable than I wish they would be and Kara has zero interest in comics, we’ll probably be dropping our DCU subscription soon. Then again, maybe we’ll hold on to see what other goodies DC Universe Infinite might bring in January. Doubtful there will be as much relevance to this site, as it’s not going to be a streaming service much longer.

Hurry up and binge Wonder Woman 1975 with Lynda Carter, since we will have no WW1984 until Christmas. Both the classic TV seasons are still on DCU, but it sounds like those will be gone in the new few months, so last chance to see them there. Will they move over to HBO Max? Perhaps, as most everything else movie and TV-related there sounds like it’s moving.

Would like to hear what other DCU subscribers think? If you were thinking of subscribing to the service, you better love reading comics digitally, otherwise, probably want to focus on HBO Max or other streamers.

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