Wolverine Hugh Jackman and Mission Impossible Tom Cruise Both Like Tenet

Tenet ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

Not that movie star endorsements should sway your thinking as to whether or not it’s safe to see Tenet at the movie theater in your area, but we offer a couple celebrity endorsements for your perusal.

Hugh Jackman isn’t the only big star to head to the theaters to see Tenet. In late August it was revealed by Tom Cruise on his social media that he masked up, took a taxi through London, and headed into the IMAX screen to watch Tenet– which subsequently, pleased Tenet star John David Washington. And, not surprisingly, Tom Cruise said he “loved it.”

Hugh Jackman Saw Tenet In Theaters And Shared His Thoughts – CINEMABLEND

Something I didn’t realize — and it’s a bit embarrassing to admit — was John David Washington is Denzel’s son! How could I not have caught this until recently? just didn’t pay that much attention to John David’s last name, I guess. Count me a Denzel fan and, for the most part, enjoyed John David’s performance in Tenet.

Am still sticking by Tenet not being the greatest movie ever and not even my favorite Nolan film to date, but from a technical standpoint, it’s his most ambitious work. I can see why those in the business are gushing over it.

But, as I said, in our review, technical achievements in a movie aren’t all that we should evaluate for great films: what about the story? The Tenet story, as told, is confusing. Pretty much all time travel or manipulation stories like this are difficult to follow.

Is Tenet worth risking your life to catch COVID-19? I’m not aboard into that sort of panic train, but it is an entertaining movie and we recommend to those, again, that feel safe enough to go. If you don’t right now, it’s all good, because this one is going to be around awhile, and probably gets an encore once the pandemic concerns have passed.

3 thoughts on “Wolverine Hugh Jackman and Mission Impossible Tom Cruise Both Like Tenet

  1. See if you don’t read my blog… 🙂 I mentioned the fact that John David is Denzel Washington’s son. And Tom Cruise got an entire article about his Tenet-adventure. I read your blog so now I know that Hugh Jackman saw Tenet as well. 🙂 Tenet premiered in Romania yesterday. I’m kind of reluctant to go see it although I’m really curious.


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