FIRST LOOK: Welcome To Sudden Death – Netflix

The linked article below contradicts itself declaring Welcome to Sudden Death as a “sequel” to Sudden Death (1995). It’s not off to a good start without Van Damme or Powers Booth (deceased). I liked the quirky movie that had Van Damme running around in a hockey arena, even playing a goalie at one point, while trying to foil a terrorist plot and save a ton of lives. It seemed at least a little inspired by the (much better movie) Black Sunday.

In August 2019 it was announced that “Welcome to Sudden Death” is the sequel to the 1995 film “Sudden Death” by Peter Hyams featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme. The production began a year ago and is now all set for the release. The Sports action thriller film remakes the film by adding comic elements besides the action. We love to see the action superstar and his outstanding martial arts onscreen, adding a few humorous features to the power-packed show would be a lot of fun. 

Netflix’s “Welcome to Sudden Death” featuring “Michael White” is dropping soon, It is the remake of the 1995 film “Sudden Death.”

Official trailer:

The main changes between the original and the remake based purely on the trailer are:

  1. No Jean-Claude Van Damme (possible)
  2. No Powers Booth (impossible)
  3. African American protagonist
  4. Basketball game instead of hockey playoffs making the movie title completely bogus

The title is really bad. Why the “Welcome to” part? It’s just stupid for a title.

Welcome To Sudden Death will be available for streaming on Netflix on September 29, 2020.


6 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: Welcome To Sudden Death – Netflix

    1. Ah yes! The mascot bad guy vs. Van Damme fight in the kitchen is just one of many cool parts of that movie. Thanks for reminding me about that scene! Will this new movie pay homage to that? I hope. Van Damme doesn’t seem to star in movies like this any more. If you can think of one of them you’ve seen, please recommend.

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  1. I’m an old but active martial art from way back.. I love action flicks that puts you into a world that seems real. This stupid movie is none of that. This was the worse movie he’s ever done! I couldn’t watch it, it was too stupid. Look, if you’re going to have a movie, decide if it is a comedy or serious movie. The comic made the movie serious parts, unreal. I thought Michael White had better sense than to do garbage like this. Not only did the comic relief make everything unreal, but he was the worse actor I’ve seen.
    Really Michael, do you need the money that bad??? If you make anymore like this garbage, I will stop watching your movies and so will my friends and students. The money you command for a movie will also go down. Come on Michael, get a grip!

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