ViacomCBS announces new plus-sized name for expanded CBS All Access: Paramount+

Hat tip to TrekCore

As if Disney+ and AppleTV+ weren’t inspired names enough for the plus symbol, as if a name change was really necessary, ViacomCBS is dropping the name CBS All Access in favor of something new.

Here’s the press release intro.

Sept. 15, 2020 – ViacomCBS (NASDAQ: VIAC, VIACA) today unveiled “Paramount+” as the brand name for the company’s upcoming global streaming service, building on a legacy of innovation and superior storytelling that distinguishes one of the most iconic brands in Hollywood. The company’s transformed subscription video on-demand and live streaming service, CBS All Access, will be rebranded as Paramount+ in early 2021 as part of the service’s expansion to feature content from ViacomCBS’ leading portfolio of broadcast, news, sports and entertainment brands.


Processing. Not sure what to think of the new name. CBS and Paramount are both strong names, but which one is more recognizable? I’m going with CBS. So, CBS All Access sounded pretty good to me. Paramount+ is a one-liner so it will make headlines about it more compact, but not sure it’s a better name.

Is it a worse name? Not really. I mean, it’s miles better than Quibi, easily the worst streaming channel name to come along in awhile. Somebody was drinking some severe tech Kool-Aid when they put that name on the blackboard.

I’ve never been much of a fan for brand name changes. Customers get used to brands and names and changing them is risky business. Did Comcast really get cooler when they became Xfinity? No. Will the name change matter here? I don’t know. Am sure they felt like if they just added a bunch of expanded content to CBS All Access it wouldn’t get as much media attention as also changing the name. Not the case for us here, as we report on any significant new changes on content regardless if the the streaming channel name changes or not, but ViacomCBS isn’t thinking about tiny little us. They’re wanting the ability to blast out multiple press releases. First, they get one for the name change, another when they pick the launch date, another when they launch — see how the game is plaed.

They’re telegraphing the name change six months or so in advance, maybe three months, if “early 2021” translates to January 2021. My guess is “early 2021” means first quarter to early second quarter, so this launch could be anywhere from January – May, 2021. If they’ve settled on a name, you’d think a launch date might be close behind.

What do you think of the name, friendly readers? Does it make any difference to you what a streaming service is called? If they have the content, we’re there, right? Without it a name is just a name.

AppleTV+ isn’t better because they have the “+” at the end. Neither is Disney. Peacock stayed out of it and just called themselves Peacock. HBO wanted to be cooler than a plus, so added the word “max” to the end. Or maybe they decapitated the Cine-“max”. Har har.

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