What if The Mandalorian focuses on new characters halfway through season 2?

Maybe just me, but was Pedro Pascal’s character really the focus of season 1 anyway? Mando roams around with the bounty hunter helmet on, expressionless and often with a very dry, yet effective delivery (credit Pascal there). It was all about Baby Yoda, er, The Child. Everybody wanted Mando’s playful, cute alien buddy and Mando was the guardian.

An update follows for: Do “BIG” problems exists with The Mandalorian Season 2?

Not going to label this a spoiler, because I put the credibility of these rumors at less than 10% accurate. And, even if the rumors are somewhat true, it might fit the story perfectly. It’s a weak spoiler at best anyway, since we don’t know what the other characters would be — again, only if true — and if those characters stories turn out to be entertaining none of this speculation matters.

My money is on Jon Favreau. I’m not blindly loyal to his work, but believe he’ll do us good, whatever the drama behind the scenes.

Hurry up, we need to see The Mandalorian season 2 already, because the rumor mill is working overtime trying to make us not like season 2 before it debuts next month. It won’t work for me, I’m going to tune in and form my own opinion, episode by episode. The first season was just way too good to completely fall apart in season two.


Mando, it seems, might not be 100% the main focus throughout the entire second season. Pedro Pascal “might” (emphasis on that word) have had some sort of problem on set, so much that the creatives may have decided to focus on other characters at the mid-point of season 2.

Again, while Grace doesn’t say the problems are specifically about Pedro Pascal, if I had to guess judging by what she said above, it sounds like while filming Season 2, Pascal had problems with someone on the set (possibly an exec), which might have actually caused Pascal to walk off the set (or even be told to walk off the set), as they didn’t use Pascal to film following the halfway mark of Season 2 and instead, since Pascal wasn’t around, used other characters to finish the season.

Star Wars Powder Keg: Pedro Pascal Problems With Mandalorian | Cosmic Book News

All pure rumor and speculation, so don’t get too tied up in this being reality, but Grace Randolph has apparently been right with her sources in the past. More than throw a dart at a board and hit a bullseye right, so she’s worth at least a second or third consideration.

If the other character is Baby Yoda’s origin, is that such a bad thing? I know, I know, the title character should be the main focus, but it was about the duo in the first season more than only Mando. The story might have been more about The Child than Mando, in fact.

I wouldn’t be put off if they dug into the lore behind whatever race The Child is and had less focus on Mando. The fact, if true, that there might have been creative tensions on set isn’t necessarily game changing news. You get creative people and execs on set and conflicting viewpoints are bound to be manifested.

There is also the possibility that Boba Fett is another character explored. That also would interest me. So, these are just two possible alternate character lore that season two could get into that don’t focus on Mando and they might be darn interesting storylines to explore.

Sometimes rumors help to hype up watching something, and I think whatever this alleged kerfuffle with Pascal is, does that here.

We’ll find out what’s really happening soon. I’m not going to let the parade be rained on and neither should you, friendly readers. We’ll replenish and recharge our anti-Mando shields. Wish season two was here already! You?

The Mandalorian Season 2 will start streaming on Disney+ October 30, 2020. If it’s like last season, it will be a new episode every week or so taking us a couple months to cycle through the 8 episodes.

3 thoughts on “What if The Mandalorian focuses on new characters halfway through season 2?

  1. I have an idea for the show, since Pascal left. What if each new season introduced a different Mandolorian? It is called ‘The Mandolorian’, which fits. You can have recurring characters throughout them all, but each time introduce a new protagonist whom we follow. Maybe have Sabine Wren be a protagonist one season, Boba another, or one of the Mandolorians he met in the first season.

    I don’t know. I kind of think it’s all a bit overdramatic (as most news tends to be) and that Pascal will return for that paycheck. I just got the inspiration from the Fargo series.

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