Jim Lee Promises “big news” Regarding DC Universe’s Future “next week” – Let’s Speculate!

Who let the dogs out? Harley rides her Joker sled in an episode of Harley Quinn on DCU

Should we start speculating what next week’s “big announcement” will be for DC Universe? Sure, I’ll bite, after the jump.

Lee made the announcement via Twitter, after congratulating DC Universe’s Doom Patrol on being renewed for Season 3. “Stay tuned next week for big news about @thedcuniverse and it’s [sic] exciting future!” Lee wrote.

Jim Lee Promises a Major Announcement Regarding DC Universe’s Future

My guesses? Some kind of bundling with HBO Max and/or Cinemax (see: HBO Max and DC Universe bundle is a good idea – Merging? No, here’s why) and/or reduced subscription pricing or expanded comics access (perhaps reducing the window from one year to six months for new titles to show up on DCU) for the unlimited comic book reading experience.

Whatever the announcement will be, it’s kind of odd that they didn’t bring it during DCFanDome on Saturday 9/12? I mean, that was the perfect platform, date and time. A week later seems off (?) All we heard was Doom Patrol news (see: Doom Patrol greenlit for season 3 exclusively on HBO Max, no love for DCU continues). Good news there, but expected we’d hear Harley Quinn season 3 was being greenlit.

Although a criminally bad decision if it doesn’t happen, we can rule out a HQ Season 3 greenlight announcement since WarnerMedia has already stated there will be no new original shows on DCU, so it must have something to do with just how committed they are to DCU going forward (see: Jim Lee on DC Universe: “It’s definitely not going away”)

Anybody else want to guess what this news will be? The comments are waiting below.

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