Doom Patrol greenlit for season 3 exclusively on HBO Max, no love for DCU continues

Good news from round two of DCFandome (see: DC FanDome Kicks Off Today August 22 @ 10am PT – Share Your Schedule – What are you looking forward to seeing?) a third season will be coming for Doom Patrol, but only for HBO Max subscribers.

I’ve watched a few episodes of season one (on DCU, ironically) and from what little I saw, it’s a weird, wacky and fun superhero show. Nice to see Brendan Fraser again, too. It’s on my list to return and watch more episodes, maybe even formally reviewing it here someday.

That Doom Patrol would become exclusive to HBO Max comes as little surprise as scripted originals have increasingly been moved off of DC Universe. “The original content that is on DCU is migrating to HBO Max. Truthfully, that’s the best platform for that content,” DC’s Jim Lee told THR last month. “The amount of content you get, not just DC, but generally from WarnerMedia, is huge and it’s the best value proposition. … We feel that is the place for that.”

‘Doom Patrol’ Renewed for Season 3 on HBO Max | Hollywood Reporter

Official trailer for Doom Patrol:

Doom Patrol season two official trailer

WarnerMedia hasn’t made a decision on renewing the adult animated Harley Quinn show, but reports that it is being enjoyed by a new audience of subscribers on HBO Max. Keep watching it, friends, that will help WarnerMedia budget for a third and perhaps fourth season of HQ.

Although expected, it’s disappointing to see DC Universe just pushed further and further into the shadows.

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