Should Scrub Nurse Bokhee get an episode on Grey’s Anatomy?

Bokhee (Kathy C. An) is the Gunther on Friends of Grey’s Anatomy. She’s a scrub nurse who’s been in the ER as long as Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and some fans feel like she’d be the perfect narrator for the series finale.

“Bokhee has seen and heard some shit from how long she has been in the show now,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “All the gossip, juicy dirty secrets, shootings, all the dark sh*t. An entire episode before the show ends should be dedicated to Bokhee, revealing everything she knows about everyone.”

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Fans Think This 1 Underrated Character Should Narrate the Series Finale — Not Meredith Grey

Interesting sidenote: the actress that has played Bokhee is a real ER scrub nurse. The cast and crew look to her to add realism, no doubt.

As for when Grey’s Anatomy will air its final episode? We don’t know yet. Apparently producer Shonda Rhimes and Pompeo have agreed to continue the show as long as Pompeo is interested, but presumably fan interest must continue as well.

We stopped watching the show shortly after Izzy Stevens left . Just seemed to be too many characters coming and going to hold our interest, especially when it is strongest as an ensemble show, but we enjoyed those first 4-6 seasons. There have been very few TV shows we’ve ever stayed with beyond 5 seasons. Friends would be one of them, lasting 10 seasons, but it was getting old the last few seasons. 24 is another that was best the first few seasons.

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