Seasons Of Terror Graphic Novel features stories by Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Robert McCammon and Shirley Jackson

Creepshow 2 ⭐️⭐️

One of the Stephen King stories “The Raft” that was adapted in the horror anthology Creepshow 2 is going to be featured as a season in an upcoming graphic novel, Seasons Of Terror.

With evocative prose and vivid illustrations, these unforgettable stories—”The Screaming Woman” by Ray Bradbury; “The Man in the Woods” by Shirley Jackson; “The Raft” by Stephen King; and “The Man from London” by Robert McCammon—embody the seasons in which they are set, bringing you to the very edge of reality, mixing the best elements of the mythology of our youth with the perilous horrors of adulthood.

Seasons Of Terror Brings Stephen King and Ray Bradbury Comics

The title and theme of the collection reminds me of Stephen King’s Different Seasons. Ironic that he doesn’t have a novella, but a short story being featured in it. Nice to see another of my favorite authors, Robert McCammon. Other than Boy’s Life and maybe Swan Song, McCammon really hasn’t gotten the mainstream appeal of King. McCammon is not as prolific as King, but I think he does some things better. His description skills are almost on par with the legendary Ray Bradbury also featured in this collection.

Seasons of Terror is available at Amazon for preorder, just search by the title

And let’s not forget Shirley Jackson represented here, an author known for the gritty story “The Lottery” and someone King himself is a fan of her writing.

Keep this one in mind, fellow horror fans, even if you’re read all the stories included. It’s unlikely that “The Raft” short story will get two adaptations, but King’s already had multiple adaptations of several other stories. I’d rather see adaptations of more McCammon works including, The Wolf’s Hour, Mine (this would be a fantastic psychological thriller), Swan Song and others.

Seasons Of Terror, a graphic novel, will be available March 23, 2021.

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