Do “BIG” problems exists with The Mandalorian Season 2?

Season 1 of The Mandalorian release schedule

When it comes to highly anticipated The Mandalorian Season 2 which is coming October 30, 2020 to Disney+, not having a season 2 trailer available the month before is … curious. Any day now?

Insider Grace Randolph has now revealed the reason, as she’s claiming that the studio “didn’t like” the season 2 trailer and so has delayed it to get it re-edited. That’s a fairly minor issue on its own, but according to Randolph, it’s indicative of much bigger problems Disney has with the whole season.

Disney Reportedly Has A Big Problem With The Mandalorian Season 2

Wonder what Disney allegedly doesn’t like about the Season 2 trailer? Does it maybe not show enough? Show too much? Doesn’t have a killer surprise like The Child (Baby Yoda) All kinds of speculation is possible. Probably not another killer character like The Child, but who knows. So many wild, imaginative creatures and characters in the Star Wars universe.

As for Grace Randolph suggesting that whatever is wrong being “BIG” (her exact quote on Twitter) that it could still be fixed or “papered over” …. huh? What can be papered over that’s “BIG”?

This might be a good time to revisit The Mandalorian Season 1 trailer:

The awesome Season 1 trailer for The Mandalorian — is it too difficult to top?

It’s understandable that Disney is worried that Season 2 will not be as good as the first. That’s the case for a lot of TV series, so that isn’t exactly earth shattering. Odds are it won’t be, but it could still be very, very good. Just finished watching Season 2 of Cobra Kai and, while it’s very good, too, it’s not as good as the first season. It’s going to have to be significantly worse than Season 1 to be like the last Star Wars movie.

Tensions are high right now, not just at Disney, but everywhere. Just a guess, but think we’ll soon see The Mandalorian Season 2 official trailer drop and it will make most fans happy, us included. It will get us pumped up for Season 2, which we already revved up. We’re ready, bring it on!

8 thoughts on “Do “BIG” problems exists with The Mandalorian Season 2?

      1. I think in large part that’s the fanbase wanting Kennedy out, not Disney, but just a guess on my part. Kennedy has a long, established record of being involved with hit movies. That earns a lot of street cred with industry suits. There is a tipping point where you have a string of failures and your past successes don’t matter, but I don’t believe internally anyway that Kennedy is under the pressure that Star Wars fans are claiming based on a bunch of inside sources.



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