Opening 9-3-2020 in Theaters: Tenet

Wednesday, week #36 of 2020 (9/3-9/6/2020): the first blockbuster tentpole to hit the partially reopened theater scene: Warner Bros. Tenet, which opened for early access on Monday 8/31 and internationally a week ago (see: Tenet opens internationally with $53 million box office, advance launch in US starts 8/31)


Seeing this in IMAX would be ideal. Hopefully we can catch it in that format this week, but we will see this in some format very soon. The anticipation due to the lack of seeing any blockbusters for many months just makes this viewing all the more anticipated.

Anticipation: 8/10! (with an extra exclamation mark)

That’s the only new movie opening in the United States theaters this week, but there is another movie going to Disney+ and a premium charge of $29.99 and that’s …


Mulan official trailer #1
Mulan final official trailer

We’ve been talking about this movie since the beginning of 2020. I’m a little bummed that with some theaters reopened, it won’t be screened. At least one reader has commented that their household will welcome the additional $30 premium charge (see: Will Movie Streaming Buffet Keep Adding Premium Titles Like Mulan for Extra Fees?). It’s about a 95% chance we will not be paying that to see Mulan. Instead, we’ll wait until it appears for no extra charge on Disney+ on December 4, 2020. You can read the details at that link, no sense rehashing in this post.

Going forward in September, we’re looking at a movie theater release schedule of one new movie each week with a bunch of classics and some special Fathom retro films. Hopefully, studios will gain confidence and move up dates of more titles. October is looking much brighter. It all just depends on how many theaters reopen and how many moviegoers feel safe enough to return.

Wherever you are watching movies, happy watching to you!

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