Linda Hamilton’s twin sister, that also starred in Terminator 2, dead at 63

Terminator: Dark Fate ⭐️⭐️½

From the something we didn’t know department: Sarah Connor, played by Linda Hamilton in three Terminator movies actually has a twin sister who also played her double in the darling of the franchise T2: Judgment Day.

Her sister’s name: Leslie Hamilton Freas.

Leslie was Linda’s double in the 1991 science fiction movie “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” and appeared in several scenes. Linda portrayed Sarah Connor in that and other Terminator movies. In her scenes as a double, Leslie played Sarah when the character was farther away from the camera view while Linda played the Sarah character who was in focus.

Sister of Terminator 2 star chose nursing career in South Jersey

Sadly, Leslie just passed away at 63, and sounds like it was unexpected. The details behind her death have not been published. That’s a younger old age in today’s times when people are living well into their 80s, 90s and some 100+ (see: Brutal reminder we’re all aging – Macaulay Culkin turns 40, Sean Connery 90).

Everybody knew Linda Hamilton had a stunt double, but having a double for non-stunt work that’s a twin sister is at least a somewhat rare circumstance in Hollywoon.

The article doesn’t say if Leslie was in the first Terminator movie or the most recent, and largely dismissed, Dark Fate, but guessing no in either of those cases. It makes some sense that her sister would be included in T2, since James Cameron and Hamilton were married. A little bit of shared family love.

Saw another article recently where the author insists the only way another Terminator movie would succeed is if James Cameron is in the director’s chair. Agree that Cameron would be better in the director’s chair than Tim Miller, but not sure even Cameron should bother with another movie at this point.

Instead, the more logical path is something like Cobra Kai has done with Karate Kid. Show us something with the classic characters in a TV series. I know, I know, they did Sarah Connor Chronicles, and that was promising, but in this day of streaming TV shows everywhere, a Terminator TV series — after enough time has passed to let the stink from Dark Fate dissipate — would give a chance to rebuild faith in the embattled franchise that has suffered basically four weak sequels since T2.

Did you know that Linda Hamilton had a twin sister that starred in T2? Any other stars with twin doubles you can think of? This makes a good trivia question.

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