Regal Cinema employee says “about two-thirds” of customers since reopening complaining about switch from Coca-Cola to Pepsi

During one of our three visits to the movie theater last weekend — the only Regal theater open in Washington State in Lacey, Washington, I asked one of the employees how many customers were happy with the switch from Coke to Pepsi and his response was “about two-thirds” of their customers were upset with the switch.

Given, this is only one employee’s statement, and it’s from one single theater in the United States. We’re far away from Atlanta or other others areas where Coca-cola reigns supreme. I was surprised with some readers here not liking the decision either (see: Regal Cinemas Switching From Coca Cola to Pepsi Products in Spring 2020 Causes Some Soda Fan Unrest).

The numbers might not be as dramatic as one single employee is reporting, but it suggests to me that Regal Cinemas moviegoers would rather the company have added Pepsi as an option vs. outright choosing Pepsi over Coca-Cola. You’ve probably seen those cool machines that give customers a myriad of different soda options, yes/no? Why not one that blended both company’s products? Does such a machine exist? You know, give your customers more options. That might be an actual compelling reason to return to the theater, especially in light of the current heightened safety risk.

This might seem like a trivial thing to comment on in the world with everything else in the theater, but hey, movie concessions do matter to moviegoers.

Me? I’ve already gone on record that I’m perfectly fine with Pepsi or Coca-Cola. I prefer to drink Pepsi over Coca-Cola standalone, however if mixed with alcohol I definitely agree that Coke tastes better. Then again, Pepsi has some killer sub brands like Sierra Mist (a bit more tangy than Sprite) and they have Mountain Dew. Who doesn’t like Mountain Dew?

Have no dog in this fight, but do find it interesting enough to cover here. Another comment came in saying that Regal’s popcorn isn’t as good as Landmark. I haven’t been to a Landmark theater before and want to do a popcorn taste comparison.

3 thoughts on “Regal Cinema employee says “about two-thirds” of customers since reopening complaining about switch from Coca-Cola to Pepsi

  1. I’m definitely brand loyal to Coke. The way the acidity hits the back of the throat is something that’s apparently difficult to duplicate. Off-brand colas can’t do it. And Pepsi smells of ammonia to me.

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