The one word title comes from the article quoted below.

Turkish Star Wars? Yes, it exists in the world of remakesploitation, but a spoof mashup of Batman and James Bond in 1966 called James Batman is even more creative.

Then there’s the really wacky stuff. The most extreme remakesploitation flicks unapologetically recycle familiar characters and even actual footage from US hits, creating bizarre movie mashups to make a copyright lawyer’s head explode. In the Philippines, the Lone Ranger, Barbie and Batman made 100% unauthorized appearances — a 1966 flick entitled James Batman managed to spoof both the caped crusader and superspy James Bond all in one go.

Turkish Star Wars and Star Trek and the weird world of foreign remakes – CNET

This seems more like a mashup than a remake, but hey, it was 1966. If you search YouTube you can watch the entire James Batman movie. Not going to link to it because it probably isn’t in the public domain, but it’s not difficult to find it in all its black and white glory.

Any favorite mashup movies you’d like to share? Tell us about them in the comments.

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