DC FanDome Kicks Off Today August 22 @ 10am PT – Share Your Schedule – What are you looking forward to seeing?

DC FanDome is advertising buying DC movies at special pricing during the event and a little bit beyond … catch the fun at DCFanDome.com on Saturday August 22, 2020

It’s Saturday, August 22, and DC FanDome time starting at 10am PT … or possibly now by the time you read this. I’m going to be checking this virtual event out at least part of today.

(The other part? We’re going back to the movie theater to watch some new movies! YAY!)

Have seen some ads for $5 digital deals on buying DC movies circulating through Roku and some publications, see the quote below, are doing detailed dives on the merchandising offerings.

Highlights include the best of Wonder Woman 1984 lifestyle products, a LEGO shop, EleVen by Venus Williams x Wonder Woman exclusives, and DRAWN: Black DC Super Heroes with Ken Lashley and Denys Cowan art. Superhero fans won’t want to miss this opportunity to own merch from around the world to create or expand their personal DC collection. (Quantities are limited and may sell out fast — some are only for sale for the first 24 hours).

Official DC FanDome Store Launching Tomorrow Through September – ComingSoon.net

Don’t think I’ll be buying any Wonder Woman gold shoes for $100 or going in on the LEGO Batman VISA card (one credit card for me, with a small credit limit, suits me just fine), but maybe there are some other deals that will interest. I’ll check it out.

Honestly, I’m much more interested in the panels. The most interesting panel I looked forward to, though, has been pushed back to next month (see: DC FanDome Splits and Offers Second Day on September 12, Harley Quinn Season 3 News Likely To Be Revealed?).

Still, I’m ready for WW1984. The hype for that movie has been going on far too long (see: FIRST LOOK: Wonder Woman 1984 – First Official Trailer Released – Livestream Notes and Reaction — that was December?!). Not Patty Jenkins fault the movie didn’t get out on time, but I’m past ready to see the sequel. The fact that it’s set in the 80s, my high school years, makes me even more excited. You?

As for shopping? Meh. I’m not a big merch guy. Sure, if I go see a concert I spring for the way overpriced concert T, and I usually want to buy something to remember an event for, but a virtual event? It’s not the same as saying “I was there” — and honestly buying or collecting crap that just gathers dust and becomes something to throw away or sell down the road? Not my idea of money well spent.

That said, for others who want to show off their DC pride, it’s all good. We must question the unfortunate timing of this event shortly following the layoffs and other negativity swirling around WarnerMedia lately (see: Majority of DC Universe staff have been laid off by WarnerMedia, report says)

Buying any of the DC movies for $5? Maybe Wonder Woman would interest me at that price. We have it on HBO Max right now, so owning it to rewatch isn’t really that compelling. Also, I’m guessing down the road there will be some sort of bundle pack for WW1984 and WW at a special price. We just don’t buy that many movies any more.

What DC FanDome events are you most looking forward to?

How many of you are attending DC FanDome today? Any noteworthy panels, discussions or live events you are especially interested in?

You can share your DC FanDome scheduled by clicking on the “Share” link, here’s mine: https://schedule.dcfandome.com/my-schedule/5f3891cdac38af0019c0338f

Share with us in the comments. We don’t want to miss something exciting, entertaining and/or fun!

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