FIRST LOOK: Mike Tyson Mysteries (Animated TV Series) – Hulu

While we’re on the subject of Tyson lately (see: Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. exhibition fight needs more time — delayed until November 28). I’ve started watching Mike Tyson Mysteries adult animated series.

The first three seasons are available on Hulu, complete with a foul-mouthed pigeon voiced by Norm Mcdonald. This show is crazy — and I love the first few episodes watched so far. No surprise that it’s from Warner Bros, the same company behind DC Universe’s Harley Quinn.

There is a fourth season that finished running earlier in February 2020, but that’s not available on Hulu yet as of this writing. For those with access to Adult Swim, reruns could be showing there. The first three seasons should keep interested viewers busy in the meantime.

Iron Mike needs to stay in the entertainment business!

The show has a fairly simple mystery premise and a lean run time of 11 minutes per episode. Mike checks his flock of pigeons and chooses a mystery to solve, then he goes out and solves it along with pigeon, the ghost friend and his adopted daughter.

Mike Tyson Mysteries – Season 1-3 (50 total episodes) are available for streaming on Hulu.


9 thoughts on “FIRST LOOK: Mike Tyson Mysteries (Animated TV Series) – Hulu

  1. Why Why Why are we starting to celebrate Mike Tyson again.. a convicted rapist, domestic abuser who bit a mans ear off..They did it on Shark Week as well for one night which is something I watch every year, except for this one.. I just don’t get it.. nor can I get behind it. Grrrrrrr

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    1. Tyson is fighting for charity in November — or so he says. If the fight actually goes down. I think Mr. T has infinitely more character to admire, but from a fighting standpoint, Mike has always been an unpredictable spectacle.

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      1. HE should’ve been banned from every stepping in a ring again. How do men consistently get away with this stuff is his word now because that’s how he is garnering his sympathy – he is still a domestic abuser or do we simply over look what he did to Robin Givens & the interview they gave where he said how he beat her..and then a convicted rapist. But sure hey let’s do a cartoon, shark week & a charity fight to make it all better. *sigh if anyone deserves the #metoo stigma – this man does.

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      2. I could be wrong on the charity, and maybe I’m being gullible, but don’t think that Mike is trying to garner sympathy. I think he is trying to do exactly what he says: give something back. He wants to do something good in his life when he freely admits to do so many things bad in his past.

        Should he get another chance? That’s for each and every individual to decide. I know he did prison time and lost valuable boxing time and $$$ he could have had. So he has paid some price for his misdeeds. Is it enough? Well, that’s a subjective answer that’s going to vary person to person.


      3. Actually.. Todd.. I just realized that my anger towards Tyson should not be directed toward you or this posting…I’m sorry and I can’t see how to delete it right now, but just letting you know, you can. I mean it’s your post and I shouldn’t have taken it over like that. Sorry..sometimes quick anger takes the best of me in things like this and I jumped on it. I will always feel the way I feel, but it’s your posting not mine. apologies

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      4. Actually, we get where you are coming from and enjoyed the passion 🙂 No harm, no foul 🙂

        You raise a more complicated issue that I’ve been thinking about since your comment yesterday.

        Tyson went to prison, did his time and paid his debt to society. Does that change Tyson being a guy we should forever treat as a social/moral leper? Should he not be allowed to box ever again?

        I don’t like how Tyson has treated women in the past (and who knows if he still does, hopefully not), but I liked his ferocious boxing style.

        It’s like not liking an actor like Kevin Spacey for what he’s done outside his acting career and deciding not to watch any of his movies any more.

        The shark thing Tyson did was crazy and funny which is why I posted about it. That doesn’t mean it’s an endorsement of his past transgressions or promoting Mike Tyson the person.

        Tyson’s boxing match — which might not ever go off as planned, it’s been delayed already once — is a major entertainment event coming to PPV. I debated whether or not to cover it here (if you read my original post on the matter you’ll see I even stated that), but decided in favor because it’s a major event that some might/would/could be interested in. I certainly am interested in it, which meets the bar for whether or not a post is written.

        I’m debating other controversial topics in the draft bin at the moment like the Netflix movie Cuties to be released on September 4 and Captain Kirk possibly being portrayed as bisexual in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

        Sometimes I have to modify these controversial posts so as not to make it seem like I’m promoting certain topics or people that I don’t personally care for.

        Mike Tyson the person is not somebody I like. Mike Tyson the boxer has a very entertaining boxing style that I do like. Hopefully that makes it more clear why some posts get made. Just because I watch Mike Tyson’s animated show and maybe even like it, doesn’t mean I agree with domestic abuse or how Mike Tyson treats women.

        The other issue that compelled me is Mike said he wasn’t doing this for the money. He was donating his purse to charity. Could this be total BS? Yes. I liked the idea behind promoting and supporting an event with some proceeds going to charity. Roy Jones Jr. isn’t doing this for charity, he wants the $10 million or he’s not throwing gloves.


  2. Yeah..I think you’d honestly have to live the life of a woman to understand that it’s hard to want to give out more than one chance to someone who was a serial domestic abuser and sexual assaulter. Great that he wants to make up for it now, but those scars live deep within almost every woman that has had to be a victim and there are many of us. Sorta like OJ for me..I equal him on that level – but luckily the woman got away with her life forever scarred and then there are the ones he didn’t get convicted for. So yeah, I would’ve been happy never seeing him get social recognition again. He didn’t commit just simple burglary (though I think he did a lot of that before becoming a boxer as well) – this was rape & violence. Did you know even Bill Cosby’s daughter said she was assaulted by he got away with a lot because of being who he was. As for Mike Tyson the boxer..biting an piece of ear off isn’t exactly boxing..though yes, I know he boxed a lot before he did that..might have been entertaining to some..but it went along the lines of who he is as a person to me. Abuser, predator, biter..I didn’t even watch Shark Week for the first time in the history of Shark Week..just because of promoting him. but again, this is your blog, you get to like and write about what YOU like.. same as I do on mine and I shouldn’t have hijacked it but boy I was mad at the moment. ha!

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    1. There is no defending anything Tyson has done outside the ring involving women, but it does sort of rise his entertainment cache. Sad, but true. I don’t think anybody needs to be a woman to see and feel that pain he caused and causes other still today. I’m compassionate to that perspective.

      Some boxers go dirty when they want to get out of a fight. Evander Holyfield magnanimously forgave Tyson for the incident, which says more about his character than Tyson’s.

      It was a cowardly, unsportsmanlike act by Tyson and the result of a fighter who clearly wasn’t the same after he got out of prison.


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