TV SERIES Review: Star Trek: Lower Decks S1E3 – Temporal Edict ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Season 1
CBS All Access
August 20, 2020

Episode 3 – “Temporal Edict”

The captain (why can’t I remember her name?) goes on a rampage over “buffer time” which is a bogus amount of time added to each starfleet task aboard the Cerritos by crew memberrs. She sends out a memo ordering strict adherence to time requirements as outlined in starfleet regulations.

An away mission goes awry and leads to war with an alien race because the officer required to share a gem gift was too hurried, thanks to the captain’s new mandate, and offers a piece of ceremonial wood meant for a different alien race.

Mariner and Ransom are captured by the spear-wielding aliens. Meanwhile, the aliens board the ship and start attacking.

Bolmier is the only crew member not bothered by the captain’s new procedure and continues to ask for additional tasks.

Will the aliens be repelled and the war end? Will the captain realize she caused the problem? Will Mariner and Ransom be rescued?

These questions and more will be answered if you tune in and watch the episode.


After last week’s lackluster episode, I was hopeful episode 3 would bounce back with a more entertaining episode. With so much low hanging Star Trek fruit to be exploited for comedy, with any episode I’m expecting them to break out with a gem. Was this the one?

It’s a better episode. The chaos caused by the captain’s “edict” is humorous. I was entertained and smiled on a couple occasions.

Ironically, this involves the failure to successfully deliver a gem in part of a gift mission. The alien reaction and war against the crew works effectively. It could have gotten even more crazy aboard the ship, we could have seen more carnage. They just don’t go far enough. I guess it’s all to maintain a TV-14 rating.

I wish this show was TV-MA like Harley Quinn or TV-G like the original animated episode. This in-between stuff where it’s a little edgy just seems to flatten out the humor. I’ve laughed more at Scooby Doo Wher Are You? episodes than this and it’s because too much of the humor either sets up or finishes poorly.

One of my favorite parts of the original series was the coda the very end. Often, this would end the episodes, however dramatic, on a humorous note. It’s odd that Lower Decks doesn’t have a coda. Maybe future episodes will? The epilogue truly was one of the best parts of TOS. Star Trek: Picard didn’t have codas either.

Overall, this was an entertaining episode. Perhaps slightly better than the first episode, but much better than the second. Let’s see what next week brings.

Episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

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