“Pity the fools” that don’t bring back the 2009 World of Warcraft Mr. T Night Elf Mohawk Grenade

Always loved Mr. T. From the moment I saw him as the fearsome Clubber Lang in Rocky III, to his five season run on The A-Team, to his ridiculous amount of (very) heavy gold chains.

And that signature mohawk. Oh, yeah.

What I somehow missed was the presence of the mohawk grenade in the MMORPG game World of Warcraft that was part of a five year anniversary event for the Night Mohawk Elves.

Luckily, this is the internet where everything can die quickly and yet live forever in the archives. Engadget has the goods from an article in 2009.

There is a 50 minute buff called “Mohawked” with the flavor text of “You pity the fool” that gets placed on you when you wear the mask. You can right click the debuff to remove it.

Night Elf Mohawk grenade now active in WoW | Engadget

But my favorite part is the commercial Mr. T cut for the mohawke grenade.

Just caught this commercial today and laughed. Got me thinking fondly about everything I’ve seen Mr. T do. He’s such a fun, entertaining guy — and apparently a very nice man as well, despite his often on screen toughness.

He had a cartoon series too, once upon a time called Mister T (3 seasons). Where can that be seen these days streaming? Nowhere, unless you want to buy it (Amazon, Google Play, etc). Same goes for The A-Team (why isn’t somebody streaming that right now?!?!?). IMDB TV does offer Mr. T’s 2011 show World’s Craziest Fools (Season 1, all 20 episodes available). As for Rocky III? That isn’t streaming anywhere at the moment either. It wasn’t too long ago that you could always find the Rocky films streaming somewhere. They must have taken them out of circulation for awhile. They’ll be back.

As for the game World of Warcraft? Been several years since I’ve played that. Played WoW when it first came out on and off for a year or so. Have gone back to it a few times over the years, but MMOs are just so time consuming and grindy that I can never seem to stay that long with them.

Do you like Mr. T? Would you like to see him in a new movie or TV series? If so, would you like to see him play a non-BA (Bad Attitude) type character or the same? He’s typecast, sure, but he’s entertaining typecast at least.


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