List of AMC theaters reopening for 15 cent movie day on August 20 – Any reopening near you?

AMC is pulling out the stops to get moviegoers back to their theaters when some are reopened next Thursday on August 20 in the United States.

Contrast this to Regal, that start reopening one day later Friday. Kara and I received email notification from Regal that we will both receive a free month of Regal Unlimited ($44+ tax value), with charging for the service to resume on/after September 21, 2020.

The 15 cents per movie deal at AMC isn’t as good as free, but it’s pretty close. Their similar program called A-List is available for $5 for the first month, but that only allows 3 movies per week. Regal doesn’t have a limit, except that you can only see the same movie once per day.

To think that in 1920 the ticket price to see movies was only 15 cents is an eye-opener for inflation considering the cost is more like $12 now.

The company, which was founded in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1920, is also offering discounts on concessions like popcorn for $5 through the end of October. “We are thrilled to once again open our doors to American moviegoers who are looking for an opportunity to get out of their houses and apartments and escape into the magic of the movies,” Adam Aron, AMC’s CEO, said in a statement on Thursday.

AMC is reopening its theaters this month with 15-cent tickets – CNN

The list of AMC theaters reopening on August 20 at AMC website is located here:

Bummer for those of us in Washington State. Here’s the message we get on AMC website:

“Will reopen when local guidelines allow”

Doesn’t appear any AMC theaters will be reopening in Washington state on August 20

This is because in our area we’re in a phased reopening: phase 2, which does not allow reopening. Phase 3 is available in some counties in Washington state. The list of counties for other Washington state residents or tourists is here:

The state capitol is in Olympia, which is Thurston county. That’s in Phase 3 which allows movie theaters to reopen with less than 25% capacity. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing any theaters located in Thurston county, which is like 30 minutes away from us. Bummer again. Maybe we’ll find an AMC theater located there somewhere.

We’ll be checking next week and maybe in our state it will be allowed for AMC to reopen. Kara and I already talked about it. If the theaters are reopened, we’ll be there on Thursday August 20, 2020 watching at least one movie, probably more.

Is your state listed with theaters in your area reopening on August 20?

If you can go, does 15 cent movie ticket prices entice you any further to return? Or maybe the reduced concession price of $5 popcorn? Or do you still want to wait to feel safer? Tell us in the comments area how you currently feel. There are no right or wrong answers for how you personally feel about when it’s a good time to return to the movies. Just curious if others will be going as soon as they can.

8 thoughts on “List of AMC theaters reopening for 15 cent movie day on August 20 – Any reopening near you?

    1. A lot of people go crazy over Christopher Nolan movies. I’ve liked some of his work, but am not as diehard a fan. as many others are of his work.

      Tenet looks interesting and entertaining to me, and I’m looking forward to seeing it, but I can totally understand your perspective. I don’t know if Tenet is going to be that much better than any other action movie. That’s kind of what it looks like to me, anyway. I could be wrong. Sure, it will have some cool cinematography.

      Guess I’m more old school in that I don’t care about whiz bang effects, if the story isn’t that compelling, I’m not in. I don’t go see movies primarily for special effects, camera work, exciting sounds … I do get excited about some directors work, however, and recognize Nolan is noteworthy.

      I look forward to anything by the masters like Spielberg, Cameron, Lucas if he ever directs something new,, Scorsese, and the list goes on…,

      Also, look forward to anything based of Stephen King’s work, since he’s my favorite author. Don’t care who directs, acts, there. Just give me more of King’s adapted work (even though some of it totally sucks).

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      1. Special effects can only do so much (Star Wars prequels come to mind). I can watch a good story over and over again, especially if I discover something new each time I watch it. I find that’s the case with the Harry Potter movies. The Mission Impossible series largely lost me due to it being too much about Tom Cruise’s ego, although friends have told me the last couple of films were better, so I’ll give them a chance.

        We’re in a rural area. The theater in town is old and not that comfortable, so we drive over an hour to the nearest Regal. It has to be something I am really looking forward to (or my son is) for us to make the drive. Mostly I wait for them to be released to streaming.

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  1. Todd, thanks for this post. I heard about this deal on a podcast I was listening too and I need to see if my AMC is opening but I am thinking not because Georgia numbers are high. I like the marketing idea of the fifteen cent but with the lack of coins floating around how will that work? A lot of businesses are not giving change when you purchase things with cash.

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  2. I’m enjoying the people on line who are freaking out that they can rent the whole theater for Tenet with the 15 cent thing I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be the case 🙂

    But I’m in Cali so were so far from being allowed to open it’s sad. I’ve made my peace with it though.

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    1. As far as I know, they won’t be able to get Tenet for 15 cents. The one day deal is only for August 20 and Tenet won’t be released that day, so those getting excited online need to read the fine print lol.


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