FIRST LOOK: Project Power – Netflix

If you could take a pill and have superhero powers for five minutes, but have a risk of dying, would you do it? That’s a no for me. I don’t need to be invisible or bulletproof.

Ok, maybe I’d take the pill to be able to fly for 5 minutes if the death risk was very, very, very low. I mean, it would be cool to soar like a bird, high up in the sky … if only for a few minutes.

This is the story hook for the new Jamie Foxx movie on Netflix called, Project Power.

Art, an ex-serviceman with a “personal vendetta” who lives in a world where it is possible to take a pill that will give the user super powers for five minutes, including invisibility or becoming bullet proof – but which also comes with a risk of death. Art join forces with a teenaged drug dealer played by Dominique Fishback and a police officer played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt as they attempt to put a stop to the pill’s creators.

Project Power release date | Netflix, trailer, cast – Radio Times

Official trailer:

Project Power looks like a lot of fun … great premise, solid lead actor, superheroes — sign me up!

Would you take the superhero pill? If so, for what power?

Project Power will be streaming on Netflix on August 14, 2020.

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