Trolls World Tour doll recalled for a controversial button

Trolls World Tour ⭐️⭐️½

From the “What Were They Thinking?” department comes some Trolls toy news.

When designing any toy for children, especially in this day and age, some thorough testing and market research is advised. A big toy company like Hasbro should know better. Should.

The doll in question is designed to giggle when it sits upright. However, the activation button that prompts the toy to function is inappropriately placed under the doll’s skirt and between her legs. The petition, created by Jessica McMains, is addressed to Target, Walmart, Amazon and other retailers.

Hasbro Pulls “Inappropriate” ‘Trolls World Tour” Doll After Backlash – Deadline

Our grandchildren, both boys, like the trolls. They weren’t as excited by this movie as we thought, but this toy because it’s more for girls than boys wouldn’t have been on our purchase radar.

I really don’t understand how this toy made it into production. Then again, I don’t know much about making toys for children. Guessing that the designers weren’t trying to make anything inappropriate for children, but the optics suck.

Hasbro will be fine. They are doing the right thing with the recall. After all, they also make Baby Yoda toys.

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