$64,000 glass Disney sculpture damaged by rambunctious children

Kids will be kids, yes, and this story is a bummer. But maybe not in the way you might think.

A pair of rambunctious children became every parent’s worst nightmare when they accidentally knocked into a display case at the Shanghai Museum of Glass in China, shattering a $64,000 s, culpture of the Enchanted Storybook Castle from Shanghai Disneyland Park.

Breaking News: Two Boisterous Kids Smashed a $64,000 Glass Sculpture of a Disney Castle at the Shanghai Museum of Glass

One might ask how do you protect a glass sculpture so that others can see it?

It must be encased in some sort of glass or extremely durable plastic. The plastic is probably more difficult to keep clean, but certainly more durable.

If you read further into the story the parents were just watching the kids mess around with a rug exhibit earlier. That’s not good parenting at all. This is the bummer mentioned earlier. Kids will be kids, but parents encouraging their kids to bad behavior? If only parenting required a license easily revoked.

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