Adam Sandler’s sage comedy advice: “no one wants to laugh at a guy who is ripped” – is he right?

Adam Sandler knows comedy. Apparently he thinks out of shape guys are funnier than ripped ones.

“Did you work out for that movie?” Sandler asked him, and Long said he had, because he was playing the lead and he wanted to look good opposite Drew Barrymore. “Yeah, yeah,” Sandler continued. “You shouldn’t [work out], buddy. No one wants to laugh at a guy who is ripped.”

Adam Sandler Was Straightforward With Justin Long About Why His Drew Barrymore Rom-Com Bombed

Critics tend to pan many of Sandler’s comedy as being dumb, but his legions of fans — myself among them — laugh at his films. His movies often tell a certain type of comedy, usually including many of his familiar friends in zany roles.

Sandler’s quoted comment is making me laugh. Then I googled “ripped guys” and the images above made me laugh … so not sure I agree with him — if he’s even being serious (which I seriously doubt).

Now I want to hear Sandler break out his guitar and make a parody song called “Ripped Guys” If he were Al Yankovich, he could make it to the REO Speedwagon song “Tough Guys”

For those that have seen Sandler’s guitar parodies, he’s just the guy to write such a song. Sandler can also write love songs, just showing his range. Remember him on the airplane in The Wedding Singer?

Back to ripped guys being not as funny. What do you think of what Sandler said? Was he be serious? Or is he right that nobody wants to laugh at ripped guys? They’d rather laugh at the Chris Farley overweight and slovenly type guys?


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