The most prolific actor in Hollywood, James Hong, deserves a Star on the Walk of Fame

You have definitely seen James Hong in something. The actor, now age 90, holds the record for the most credited appearances in movies and TV. He’s had roles in both classic and current TV and movies as well as videogames, building quite the career along the way.

James Hong just might be the most prolific actor in Hollywood history. As of July 2020, he has a total of 672 credits, which include 469 TV shows, 149 feature films, 32 short films, and 22 video games. His career has spanned 7 decades, and in the process appeared in iconic movies and shows like BLADE RUNNER, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA, CHINATOWN and SEINFELD.

Fundraiser by Daniel Dae Kim : Let’s Get James Hong a Star on the Walk of Fame!

Somehow Hong hasn’t been awarded a star on the Walk of Fame. Anybody can nominate an actor for this honor and, if selected, there is a cost of $50,000. Daniel Dae Kim wanted to right this oversight by nominating Hong. As you can see from the picture above, Kim’s GoFundMe page for Hong has surpassed that goal. Congrats, well deserved!

I remember seeing Hong in many roles, but the one that comes first to mind, strangely, is his role as Snotty, the hilarious, disgusting sage to Booger in the sequel Revenge of The Nerds: Nerds In Paradise.

Sure, the movie is stupid, but this is one of the more legendary on screen introductions to a character in comedy history.

For your own stroll down memory lane, check out Hong’s extensive filmography. Which movie and TV role do you fondly remember seeing James Hong?

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