Professor’s election prediction invokes memory of Ivan Drago’s, “You will lose” speech for President Trump

November is coming and everybody knows we’re in a presidential election year.

My headline is joking. I am the one invoking Ivan Drago’s famous line from Rocky IV in regards to this professor’s prediction that we’ll get to shortly. Why? It’s the movie line that shot through my brain the minute I read the quoted piece.

Apollo Creed was confident, sporting his Uncle Sam garb … but the Russian Drago wasn’t in the mood

Who the United States President is may tangentially impact the entertainment business. President Trump, though his vibrant and arguably reckless Twitter use has been like watching a four year long movie. Some believe he’s made things worse, some think it’s better, most of us wish he’d be a better leader of the free world. I think everybody agrees the guy has been too controversial.

Has Trump earned another term in office? I don’t want to veer too deeply into politics here, as it’s not what we’re about, but I found this well known professor’s election prediction a bit premature — even though we’re only a few months from the election. After all, Joe Biden hasn’t picked a VP candidate (he has to pick one by August 17) and we haven’t seen a debate between the candidates yet.

Susan Rice, considered a strong contender, recently sold roughly $300,000 worth of her Netflix stock:

“Ambassador Rice’s sale of a fraction of her Netflix stock has nothing to do with VP speculation,” her spokesperson, Erin Pelton, said in a statement. “She filed a stock plan pursuant to SEC regulations over three months ago.”

Susan Rice Sells Netflix Shares Days Before Joe Biden Chooses Running Mate

Then again, we have four years of the sitting president to review. Plenty of time to see what kind of job President Trump has done.

Current polls mostly favor Biden winning, depending on how reliable you feel these polls are. A lot of people are counting Trump out, just as was the case versus Clinton in 2016. Whether or not you like Trump, the odds historically are against a sitting president earning reelection, especially when we pile on a struggling economy, high unemployment and the pandemic.

I’m not about to lobby for who anybody should vote for or against on this blog. I’d rather discuss whether or not Rocky should have thrown in that towel for Apollo Creed. He should have, by the way. Duke told him to throw that towel. Duke knows all.

But, curiously, will Professor Lichtman’s prediction be correct in November? Sounds like his only failed election results prediction was Al Gore in 2000. We all remember that debacle.

History professor Allan Lichtman is used to being right. He has correctly predicted the winner of each presidential race since Ronald Reagan’s reelection victory in 1984 using his “13 keys” system. (It’s worth mentioning that in 2000, Lichtman predicted that Al Gore would win the election. Although Gore won the popular vote, he ultimately lost the presidency to George W. Bush after the Supreme Court ruled to stop the recount for Florida’s electoral votes. Lichtman stands by validity of his prediction.)

Allan Lichtman, who has accurately predicted every election since 1984, says Trump will lose in 2020 – CNN

Again, without getting too political, what do you think of this prediction? Is it premature? Do you think Lichtman’s prediction will be correct?

Personally, I don’t know who I’m voting for in November yet. I don’t vote strictly Republican or Democrat, I’m one of those pick who I think will do the best job voters. I disagree politically with both sides on several issues, but that’s not the point.

I wish there was a third option instead of Biden or Trump. Both of them have many drawbacks. There were some promising Democratic candidates and somehow the nod went to Biden. Why him? Why couldn’t we have gotten one of the other predominantly female candidates facing off against Trump?

I think the country is ready for a woman to be President. Why not? We’ve had plenty of old men, some younger men and even one African American man. It’s time to give the right woman the job. Not that sex should make any difference, I’m not arguing that as the only qualification, but it seems very wrong to me that after 44 presidents and hundreds of years there wasn’t at least one woman candidate who deserved the job. Of course there was, but she was never put on the ballot.

Alas, November is coming.

Will Ivan Drago be right? Will Trump lose?

It seems like we’re going to be forced to vote on who won’t do the worst job over the next four years, not who will do the best. Again.

2 thoughts on “Professor’s election prediction invokes memory of Ivan Drago’s, “You will lose” speech for President Trump

  1. I think it’s important to look at Biden’s VP. I think there is a good possibility of him not finishing his term. I live in NH and voted for Elizabeth Warren in the primary, so I’m biased. I think he’s likely to choose either Kamala Harris or Rice, though. I would also like Tammy Duckworth.

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