August 4, 2020 – National Night Out Day – Went To The Drive-in

A few months back, we shared a list of special national celebration days (see May 20 is Roku #NationalStreamingDay + List of 2020 National Days).

As pictured above, every first Tuesday in August is Night Out Day. A good day to spend with your significant other or a good friend, or just going out yourself for the night.

Obviously the pandemic makes going out places around the country this year more challenging. So if you can’t go out for real, consider a virtual night out. Perhaps put on the VR goggles on and/or rent a non-3D movie in a virtual theater (see: Independent Theaters Testing Virtual Screenings)

We also mentioned here in the past having some drive-in theaters within an hour or so drive away (see: Drive-Ins In Some Areas Are The Only Way To Watch New Movies Outside of Streaming).

Yesterday I bought tickets to take Kara to the drive-in. An activity we haven’t done for at least 25 years … or so both of our tattered memories recall. It seemed like when the children were little, and they are all in the their mid to late 30s now, so that lines up time-wise. We can’t remember ever taking the kids to a drive-in movie, but it does seem like the kind of activity we would have chosen, especially because drive-ins tend to be more economical.

Check this out…

$5 for a car load!

$5 seems like a steal to see two movies on the giant screen. Given it’s two older movies, both of which are pretty good and are rewatches. Don’t have a review written for Fast & Furious, so will get that done. Men in Black ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ (1997) is one of my favorite Will Smith movies. Not the dramatic performance as Ali ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ but he’s good playing opposite Tommy Lee Jones.

Tommy Lee Jones. Man, that guy does the angry guy mode well. Facial expression, voice inflection, he really brings it.

List of drive-in theaters in/around our area. We’re going to one of them tonight! Night Out Tuesday!

Regal and AMC theaters are supposed to be opening later this month on August 21. There are seven movies scheduled (see: 7 Movies COMING TO THEATERS in August 2020 with 9 Rescheduled)/

When was the last time you went to the drive-in? Has it been more than 25 years like us? These will be the first movies we’ve watched outside our home since March. Almost five months! We’re ready.

Gates opened at 7pm. We got a front row park (seat). Waiting for dusk.

Give ’em hell, Dom!

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