When “stars” from reality TV shows create and host their own reality shows: Faraway Bae

Faraway Bae official website: https://www.farawaybae.com/

Faraway Bae is coming.

There are days when reading the movie and TV-related news that I can only shake my head.

Today is one of those days.

You might remember us watching and reviewing Love Is Blind ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ and mentioning the drama surrounding one of the contestants, Diamond Jack. She threw booze in the face of her fiance, Carlton, over a poolside fight. Well, Diamond is coming back to find love again, but not on another Love Is Blind season (two more seasons have been greenlit), but on a brand new reality dating show created by the winner of another reality show.

Headache, much?

Season 1 winner of Netflix’s original series The Circle, Joey Sasso, has created his own dating show called Faraway Bae, and now he’s looking for single males from Georgia who are ready to mingle. 

Netflix’s The Circle Joey Sasso Wants Single Males From Georgia For His New Dating Show – Narcity

The Circle was a strangely captivating reality TV show. The kind of trashy TV that we shouldn’t waste our time with. It was a house of people coming in and out trying to fake others out to become “popular” in the house. It’s a catfish expedition of the worst kind.

Anyway, Joey Sasso came out on top of that and has decided to take part in creating and hosting his own reality TV dating show called Faraway Bae (pronounced “bay”), where he will help another reality TV contestant — it’s difficult for me to think of these regular people being “stars” despite the fact they are being paid for their participation.

The official TVCO websit: https://www.tvco.app/

And what is TVCO anyway? I’ve never heard of it (but admittedly don’t follow these types of apps and websites), have you?

Must be the month websites and apps hit my radar that I’ve never heard of before suddenly being promoted heavily. Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. exhibition fight on September 11 being streamed exclusively on Triller (see: Will you pay $49.99 to watch Mike Tyson in exhibition fight vs. Roy Jones Jr?) is the other.

The turnoff in this experiment for me is paying $500-1000 to guys who want to date someone. I realize most reality TV contestants are paid, but I don’t have much faith in Diamond Jack finding love through a show like laid out like this. If she does, good for her. I won’t be tuning in, but am sharing here because this might be the first time I’ve ever seen a contestant on one show creating and hosting another reality TV show so quickly. Has anybody else seen anything like this? The Circle and Love Is Blind were both on a few months ago.

There aren’t many shows that I won’t watch at least an episode or two, because sometimes things I don’t think I’ll have any interest in surprise me. This is one show that the idea and concept has put me almost instantly off. If anybody else reading is into this and watches, please feel free to tell me what you thought about it in the comments.

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