COVID-19 Further Dividing The Unemployed and Employed

Shaggy blowing out dynamite is like the United States congress haggling over a 2nd stimulus plan

As congress argues over another round of stimulus — argh, is that the only thing politicians know how to do?!?! — here are some random COVID-19 thoughts. If you’d rather skip them for brighter movie-oriented pastures, it’s all good.

I will shoehorn movies in here at some point … somehow.

I feel for the world, the people who are sick and those afraid in these hard times. This post is more about supporting those people than condemning a minority who refuse to return to work, when it is offered and available, simply because it pays less than unemployment + CARES act.

Personally, in our family we’ve been working the entire time. Our employers are considered “essential” and it’s been very, very busy. Much busier in our respective businesses than it was a year ago at the same time. Sure, we’ve had challenges, but I’m not going to get into specifics because there are too many people out there who don’t have any kind of employment that nobody really wants to hear someone who has been working this whole time mention any challenges. I’m just grateful we all have jobs, period. I don’t care how good or bad it has been at the job, just grateful to be working.

Nobody in our family has gotten sick, which I’m also grateful for.

With that said, there are at least two different Americas right now. One that can’t go back to work and one that doesn’t want to go back to work. Respectfully, I feel more for the former than the latter. If someone can go back to work vs. staying on unemployment and collecting more than they were making before the pandemic, I would like to think most people would go back to work.

But who am I kidding? We’ve had issues with people not wearing masks, people not respecting social distancing and, yes, people staying on unemployment because it’s both easier and financially rewarding to do that than get back to work.

This country only starts getting back to normal when people go back to work en masse. If we stay at 10% and above unemployment, everything eventually goes off the rails. Don’t listen to my screed, do the research. Social security, our economy, everything we hold dear in this fragile American economy will collapse.

Sorry, that last camp I can’t get behind supporting. If you have an option to go back to work and it pays less than unemployment, well, that means more people like me are helping to pay your bills. We’re helping you to profit from unemployment.

This isn’t blanket condemnation. Those that are caregivers to others or need to stay unemployed for valid reasons I’m happy to help support. Those who are simply choosing to stay unemployed and take advantage of the CARES act because it’s there, well, forgive me readers, but my support ends there.

Congress is set to reconvene this week at a critical juncture following a two-week recess as the $600 weekly unemployment benefits under the CARES Act are set to expire at the end of the month. Policymakers will debate whether more emergency stimulus checks and extra unemployment payments are needed to keep jobless people afloat as workers and businesses continue to grapple with the economic fallout of the pandemic. 

Will there be a second stimulus check? Americans face more money woes

Whatever happens in the presidential election in a couple months will largely, I think, be decided by the state of the economy and where we’re at with COVID-19 at that time. Most second term elections have been based on the economy.

UPDATE 8:12PM: Am waiting for a movie to start, and thought I would add some drive-in sentiments.

It is therapeutic seeing people at the movies this evening. We are waiting for darkness together. I see masks in use as requested and where it is optional, none used.

Sorry Elton – DO let the sun go down on …

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