James Cameron shows crew three Avatar 2 scenes with almost completed visual effects to motivate

Image from post: Even if Avatar 2 sucks, the Mercedes Vision Avtr looks amazing

Here we are talking Avatar sequels again. This time, James Cameron is teasing three nearly completed scenes with visual effects — but to the crew only. Sounds like they were stoked.

Now, Landau, who is producing all the sequels with Cameron, has posted an update on Instagram, saying that Cameron has screened three scenes from the upcoming sequel, all with close-to-completed visual effects. Landau says that the scenes re-energized the crew, and made them even keener to get back to working on the movie.

Avatar 2: James Cameron Screens Scenes From The Sequel For Crew

Fly on the wall? Have you been teased too much? We won’t see Avatar 2 until 2022, no thanks to the You Know What (see: Delayathon 2020 Continues – Avatar pushed back to 2022, Mulan, AMC theaters, Bill and Ted Face The Music, Top Gun: Maverick and more!).

With it closing in on six months since last seeing any movie in the theater (an underwhelming The Hunt ⭐️⭐️), I’d almost go watch paint dry on a giant white wall in comfy recliner seats with movie theater popcorn.

Sure, I’m joking. Not.

Is it possible to be over-marketed and teased too much for a movie?

On a more serious note for Avatar 2. Do you care? Will you care in December 2022 when it’s finally released?

My interest and excitement won’t return for this movie until we see a trailer with some amazing visual effects. Even then, there’s only so much teasing a moviegoer fan can take for a movie too far in the future. Especially with the current uncertainty that looms everywhere. You?

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