Tread killdozer documentary road rages into Netflix top 10

Tread ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Netflix continues to shine with documentary releases.

Tread, which premiered last year to rave reviews at the South by Southwest film festival, is currently sitting on the streamer’s Top Ten list for movies in the U.S. The story Tread tells is so singularly strange that viewers could be forgiven for questioning whether it’s even real. However, as anybody from Colorado can attest, it’s very real indeed.

The true crime documentary crushing it on Netflix

This isn’t as harrowing as Dead Man’s Line (see: Dead Mans Line – A Riveting, Real Hostage Standoff), but once that armored killdozer starts wrecking buildings and cars, it’s on.

There was another story about how Marvin Heemeyer was wronged by small town politics and that should have been dramatized instead of a bunch of dozer reenactments (that were just moving along down roads — those shots could have been handled by the actual footage). There could also have been drama from people fleeing their homes and businesses but that wasn’t dramatized either, viewers were just told. These criticisms aside, the dozer scenes were fantastic.

Some real tension here. Check it out.

The short documentary on the Rubik’s Cube solving was good too, also on Netflix. Two teenage boys going against each other but staying great friends. Keep these good documentaries coming, Netflix.

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