10+ I Still Believe Reviews – Faith, Tragedy, Love

I Still Believe ⭐️⭐️½

Just before the pandemic closed all the movie theaters, this faith-based movie was released and made some money. It was on our radar to see, but we literally ran out of time, making The Hunt the last movie we saw — the very last movie they had in the theater we were at in Las Vegas.

Next it was released on VOD and I was thinking about paying for it, but it was a $20 rental. I didn’t want to see it that bad, so waited. It’s been available for streaming on Hulu for awhile, so we resubscribed and it was one of the first movies watched.

This true faith based film is brought to us by the Erwin Brothers, Andrew and Jon, who also did the 2018 hit “I Can Only Imagine” about country music group Mercy Me. Some may say this is a romantic tragedy, but I say no. It is the story of an innocent first love that is bright and shinning with hope for the future. It is tested by adversity much too soon but by God’s grace, they face the trials together with help from those around them that share a strong faith and the belief in the power of prayer.  Jeremy tells Melissa she is like “a bright star in the sky.” But we know the brightest stars also burn out the fastest.

‘I Still Believe’ and other things to watch in quarantine | Arts And Entertainment | murrayledger.com

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Props to KJ Alpa for pulling a Renee Zellweger: acting and singing

I do not like lip syncing and prefer actors to actually sing like Renee Zellweger did in Judy. Good news here as KJ Alpa sings the Jeremy Camp songs. No idea how faithful his voice is to Camp’s but I enjoyed his singing and guitar performances. And I don’t even like the music genre that much.

Camp’s music career is secondary to Melissa’s battle with ovarian cancer

Those hoping to learn more about Camp’s early music career will be disappointed. We don’t learn that much about that, only that he used his music to explore some of the things Melissa and him were going through.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of I Still Believe?


  1. Aaron Conrad: “What I want to tell you is to go see this film. Take tissues. Period. That is the review.”
  2. Bella Boris: “I would recommend this movie to everyone. It is so good! I think I am going to watch it again next week.”
  3. Joanne Guidoccio: “I was most impressed by Apa’s performance. He did his own singing and playing of Jeremy Camp’s real-life compositions. My favorite: the title track, his tribute to Melissa.”
  4. Kari Dent: “It is well done. It is well acted. It is a good movie about a beautiful story. I just want you to be prepared to cry. (Take tissues!)”
  5. Pastor Unlikely: “It is a lot like I Can Only Imagine, the previous Erwin brothers movie in this way.  The music is part of the story but not the heart of it.  The real core of the film is about people and God.   It asks and answers the timely question, “Do you trust Jesus when everything in their lives goes wrong?””
  6. Sharon Wilharm: “The actual story itself, the love story between Jeremy and Melissa, though, is so beautiful, and the acting so superb, that you’re willing to overlook the flaws and focus on this young couple trusting God in the face of incomprehensible obstacles”
  7. Tall Writer: “This heartwarming narrative provides an incredible example of keeping faith in God no matter what it is happening in our lives.”
  8. Ten Stars Or Less (5/10): “I’ve seen some fantastic Christian movies and some somewhat questionable ones. I Still Believe will land somewhere in the middle based solely on Apa and Robinson’s performances. They had great chemistry together, and you could see it in their expressions.”

Not Recommended

  1. Jason / Jason’s Movie Blog: “To me, this movie was somewhere between okay and “meh”. It was definitely a Christian faith-based movie endeavor (from start to finish) and definitely had its moments, but it just failed to resonate with me; struggling to find a proper balance in its undertaking. Personally, despite the story, it could’ve been better. Thus, my recommendation for this movie is an “iffy choice” at best as some will like (nothing wrong with that), while others will not and dismiss it altogether.”
  2. rogerinorlando / Movie Nation: “As with the Erwins’ “I Can Only Imagine,” there’s something to be said for a faith-based film that is soft-hearted and apolitical. But “I Still Believe” the Erwin Brothers aren’t growing as filmmakers, and won’t until they learn how to generate conflict, which is what it takes to create good drama.”
  3. Society Reviews: “…cannot find the sweet mix of scripture and entertainment and unlike I Can Only Imagine, the film isn’t engaging or well acted to enough to create magic.”

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Happy movie watching!

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