Warner Bros. pulls plug on Tenet August 12 release, no 2020 release date announced

Variety, CNBC and others are reporting that Warner Bros. has decided to delay Tenet for the third time.

Warner Bros. has removed “Tenet” from its release calendar, delivering a big blow on the exhibition industry at a time when movie theaters had hoped to peg their re-opening to the late summer debut of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi thriller.

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Delayed for Third Time – Variety

The next dominoes dropping will likely be the big theater chains delaying their scheduled reopening July 30 (AMC) and July 31 (Regal) and/or Disney pushing back the release date of Mulan, which is currently set for August 21.

We’ve been holding off on the Coming Soon to theaters in August 2020 awaiting this news that wasn’t completely unexpected. We’ll continue to wait longer as more movies planned in August will likely follow suit.

Warner Bros. no doubt was looking at the movie theater landscape in America. California, which has the most movie theater screens of any state in America (400+) was likely to be prevented from reopening. Without that potential box office revenue, the studio having a $200+ million budget and China balking at the run time and requiring an edit (see: China requires all movies in theaters to limit movie run time to max 2 hours – Tenet needs to cut 30+ minutes) — all added up to a logical business decision to delay further.

No revised release date has been announced for Tenet as of this writing.

3 thoughts on “Warner Bros. pulls plug on Tenet August 12 release, no 2020 release date announced

  1. Be interesting to see what the new release date is fall is stacked (and still questionable) WW1984 has already suffered several delays I suppose it would make the most sense to give it Dune’s date… come to think of it considering Denis Villeneuve I’m betting Dune’s going to need to be edited for China to anyway. What a mess 😦


    1. Hmm, looking at the calendar … I’m thinking No Time To Die is going to push back to a 2021 release as soon as theaters delay their reopening again. This might be what Tenet is waiting for so they can swoop in and take Nov 20 for the Thanksgiving week push.

      If theaters pull out until fall or later, which could be the next shoe to drop, it’s going to make Tenet’s options extremely limited. Despite what Nolan is saying, he doesn’t really want to be the first movie to test the waters with not all theaters fully reopened and the additional safety precautions limiting seating, run time, etc.

      A mess, indeed!

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