User Profiles now available for Amazon Prime Video users on Roku + discussing Watch Party feature

The user profiles feature previously mentioned (see: Amazon Prime Video adds up to six separate user profiles feature) is now showing for Roku users on Amazon Prime. At least it is for us.

The screenshot above greeted me when I clicked on the Amazon Prime icon in Roku.

Another recent feature add is the “Watch Party” which allows up to 100 Amazon Prime Video subscribers to watch movies together. I don’t think this feature works with Roku yet and might be an in-browser website thing only, since there is chat, but there are all kinds of ways to sync up the picture and viewing session so this could be pulled off so that the chat window was on the computer and our TV has the movie playing (through Roku or other casting methods). This would allow the greatest number of people to enjoy on their preferred app experience.

Prime Video is beginning to roll out a co-viewing feature to Amazon Prime members in the U.S., the company announced today. The “Watch Party” feature, which is included at no extra cost with a Prime membership, allows participants to watch video content together at the same time with the playback synchronized to the host’s account.

Amazon Prime Video introduces ‘Watch Party,’ a social co-viewing experience included with Prime | TechCrunch

I’m interested in watching movies live with other moviegoers. It’s not something I want to do with every single movie or super frequently, but can see how certain movies especially would be great to watch and chat with.

I’ve attended several internet watch parties though streaming services like Shudder (see: 2nd Annual Halloween Mystery Movie Event Features 4 Shudder Movies)

The question is how and when to schedule something like this where the maximum number of people can join. The 100 people at the same time is somewhat restrictive for a larger audience, but for a smaller audience could work really effectively.

The most recent watch party I attended was The Beatles Yellow Submarine (see: Just Watched The Beatles Yellow Submarine with 71,000+ People) and there were many people chatting … the scroll was so fast it was nearly impossible to follow at times. Kind of exciting, but maybe too many people to watch a movie at with one time. I like the limit of 100.

Don’t know how many readers have Amazon Prime Video, but maybe down the road having some kind of social movie watch parties live would be fun to try on some sort of schedule. I’m going to talk to my oldest son, Joel, who loves watching movies and see if he’d be interested in possibly co-hosting a watch party. Perhaps a rewatch party of some movies we both enjoy.

Does this sound like something you might be interested in attending and participating in someday? Or no, you prefer to watch movies as more of a solo experience?

2 thoughts on “User Profiles now available for Amazon Prime Video users on Roku + discussing Watch Party feature

  1. I’d be “interested” in the experience. It isn’t something I would want to do often, as you said. And I wouldn’t watch a movie in which I have no interest just to get that experience.
    Other thoughts run through, such as,
    -In a very small group and not anonymous, I wouldn’t want to do it with strangers.
    -With strangers, I would want it to be a very large group (hundreds) and definitely be anonymous.

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    1. I like the anonymous idea, but then aren’t we all kind of anonymous in chats online? 🙂 I mean you can choose in a chatroom whatever name you want “Mr Robot 123” Your point is well taken though.

      100 people even seems kinda unwieldy for having a group conversation. I think it’s one of those 25 and under people is probably most realistic. Beyond that, it gets more into the way YouTube does superchats where certain people can be highlighted, but the scroll of an active conversation becomes more distracting to following the movie than watching the movie. Just my experience on it so far, although I do think a smaller group that isn’t too cliquish would be like going with a group to the movie theater .. only you could “talk” during the movie which you can’t do in a theater.


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