Another movie is quietly testing the theater owners’ patience by a simultaneous release planned for next month, August 2020.

It’s called Endless and so far is not getting the “they are betraying the theatrical window” buzz, at least not that I’m seeing out there. Could be because it’s not coming from a major studio.

The trailer for teen romance movie Endless has been released ahead of its August debut in theaters and on demand. The news comes in the midst of pandemic-related theater closures, which have forced many feature films, such as Tom Hanks’ Greyhound, to release straight to streaming. Others are waiting for traditional theatrical releases in August, though it remains to be seen if that will be possible.

Endless Movie Trailer Debuts Ahead Of August Release

I think the reason the theaters aren’t loudly complaining is they still aren’t sure they are reopening in roughly 10 days from this post. Why complain in the media about it when this might turn out to be another release to VOD and maybe to some scattered drive-ins and independent theaters? They don’t need any more negative press, they just need to get open as soon as it’s safe and legal for them to do so. Their lawsuit in New Jersey to allow them to reopen isn’t doing so well, according to this Variety article.

Here’s the official trailer:

Famke Janssen, from Taken, is in the movie. I don’t get that excited about teen romances movies (there are a few that I’ve enjoyed), but this title at least at this moment in time is most notable for going day and date (simultaneous release in theaters and streaming) route.

Endless will be available on VOD and in theaters (maybe) August 14, 2020.

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