Petition to remove 365 Days from Netflix proves 70,000 people will sign anything

365 Days ⭐️

I pretty much despised this movie, but don’t see the logic in signing a petition to having it removed from Netflix.

Do you?

I’d really like to understand the logic here, so if at least one of the 70,000 people who signed it would be so kind as to leave me a comment and explain your motivations?

I mean, what do you truly expect will happen as a result of this petition?

Netflix isn’t going to take this movie down for less than 0.5% of their subscriber base complaining. Doubtful if even 10% complained (that would be some 16 million people). To date, it’s one of their most watched films of 2020.

The petition also says that Netflix should have provided disclaimers about the sexual violence featured in the film and resources about consent, but now the film should be removed altogether. “By taking down this movie on Netflix, we can protect sexual violence in adolescent women and adult women.”

365 Days | Petition to pull film from Netflix gets 70,000 signatures – Radio Times

How does Netflix taking this movie down — it’s fiction, my friends, a made-up imaginary very, very poorly done FANTASY — how does the removal of this film “protect sexual violence in adolescent women and adult women?” That’s not rhetorical, I’m asking? For real.

And doesn’t every movie come with a disclaimer of some kind? I think Star Trek: The Next Generation warns of “sex” and “fear” — the former of which I do not understand. Star Trek has very little sex in it, certainly not on the level of this movie.

I do think disclaimers are worthwhile, so that part of the petition is promising. Maybe Netflix can/will add a “graphic sexual situations” warning or something.

Here’s a piece of advice, if I may: if you don’t want to watch something — don’t watch it. If you have young children by all means filter this movie out by using a user profile. Yeah, I know, kids will find a way around that (I was young once upon a time, too), but a crusade against Netflix to remove a movie that a lot of other subscribers are at least curious enough to watch isn’t the answer.

The point is petitions for removing content — and dare I go as far to say any LEGAL content — on a streaming service are misguided. While I strongly disliked this film and don’t care that much if Netflix carries the title, I do care that the title exists somewhere. It has a right to exist as a form of art and creative expression.

Removing it from distribution is the digital equivalent of burning books. We have how many different shows we can watch on Netflix? Seriously, just watch something else. If you hate the movie with all your heart, then the absolute best diss is not recommending or watching. The black hole of Netflix titles will swallow it whole and it will fade from memory. Bing! You don’t even need a petition for obsolescence.

Although it might sound like it, I’m not telling other people what to do with their free time. If someone wants to sign petitions like these, full speed ahead. What I’m questioning is what’s the point? Again, what do these petition signers expect to gain from this?

I am in favor of petitions — that actually stand for something. This one stands for removing a piece of bad erotic fantasy from a streaming service. The grandest irony is this petition is going to do the opposite — it’s going to draw more people to the film. Make others more curious about watching it and keep it on the Netflix top 10 list. That’s the opposite of the intended goal.

6 thoughts on “Petition to remove 365 Days from Netflix proves 70,000 people will sign anything

  1. I agree with your last paragraph. Lots of people probably haven’t even heard of this thing and all campaigns like this will do is draw people to it.

    It’s attempted censorship honestly and from what I understand if you really going digging there are worse things on even Netflix.

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    1. Yep. Not the worse thing seen on Netflix. I’ve been keeping track of all ratings for films reviewed on Netflix, someday will make a list of the worst of the worst on Netflix. This will be on it, but won’t be the worst of all time I’ve seen there.

      (not sure what that says lol)

      Some people enjoy watching really bad movies. Those laugh track guys that make fun of the film, for one. It’s a genre all its own. This petition fails to understand and respect those moviegoers.


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