Amazon Prime Video adds up to six separate user profiles feature

Amazon Prime Video Profiles now appears from website

From the better late than never department comes this streaming channel feature update.

Amazon is finally giving households the ability to have multiple user accounts — up to six different accounts — for their Amazon Prime so that watchlists can be maintained separately.

Netflix has had this functionality forever and Disney+ and HBO Max launched with it. Not sure if Hulu has it, somebody can let me know in the comments, but Shudder doesn’t and neither does DC Universe. Peacock doesn’t either, but maybe it will launch with that added functionality.

So, Amazon isn’t the lone holdout, they’re just one of the bigger and longest running services that hasn’t. Why the change of heart?

Amazon is making these changes amidst rising competition. Disney+ has seen massive growth in recent months, and Netflix seems to be faring well, too. Big new entrants to the market with massive libraries of exclusive content, like HBO Max and Peacock, are also hitting the scene, which puts pressure on Prime Video to offer competitive features and content.

Amazon Prime Video will finally offer one of Netflix’s most basic features | Ars Technica

We could question what took Amazon so long to offer this feature. I surely hope it’s not because of rising competition and because, well, families use Amazon Prime accounts and this feature is useful.

As the topmost image shows, it is available from the website.

We access Amazon Prime on our TV through Roku primarily and haven’t seen this new user profile feature available yet, but it’s good to hear that it’s coming very soon (?).

Have you seen and used these new features yet? Tell us about your experience.

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