SECOND LOOK: The Old Guard – Netflix

The Old Guard ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

This morning I watched this and liked it. My spoiler-free review is up on Letterboxd and linked on the title above, which is not how normally these FIRST LOOKS are done (in almost every case they are movies or TV shows I haven’t seen and am interested in seeing — usually written and posted before the release date).

UPDATE @ 4:20PM : Turns out that I did already write a FIRST LOOK on May 22 for this movie. How I forgot about this and wrote a second FIRST LOOK is my own mistake. The original post is here: FIRST LOOK: The Old Guard – Netflix

On Wednesday when looking at what was coming to Netflix this coming weekend (see: WHAT TO WATCH THIS WEEKEND #28 of 2020 Movie and TV Streaming Picks – AppleTV+, Netflix, HBO Max, Shudder, DC Universe), I saw this and planned to write up a FIRST LOOK for it (not remembering I’d already done it a couple weeks ago). This morning, I saw it appear on Netflix, started watching it and before I knew it, the movie was over.

It’s interesting reading other reviews and watching the trailer. I see there is focus on the diversity of the cast and crew, but it was the story I focused on. I didn’t even realize it was based on a 2017 graphic novel (The Old Guard by Greg Rucka — #1 is available for free on Google Play) until after reading other reviews.

“And love the fact that it was this group of warriors from different cultures and sexual orientations and genders that have come together to save humanity,” she says. “I mean, that’s the world that I — when I look out — that’s what I see, that organic diversity.”

Here’s why Netflix’s ‘The Old Guard’ is groundbreaking – Daily News


I’ll have more to say about the movie in the critique and other reviews I compile for next week, but in the meantime, if you’re looking for something action-oriented and new to check out this weekend, here you go.

The Old Guard is available for streaming on Netflix as of July 10, 2020.

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