Does Netflix Release Too Many Originals? Maybe Ask New CMO Bozoma Saint John

We’re definitely watching more Netflix this year than any other streaming channel. Last year? Amazon Prime earned the top spot.

But the year is only half over, so will be interesting to see how the numbers end up.

Something we’ve noticed is the sheer number of original content Netflix releases. I’d argue that they seem to be throwing everything at the wall and see what sticks. I’m sure some can, but the vast majority of survivors aren’t watching all of it, probably a fraction of it. Invariably, some will be good if you release enough, but it’s all kind of wasteful because nobody can watch 100% of everything new they release and enjoy watching other streaming channels also.

Maybe Netflix doesn’t want us to?

The company is renowned for how much it spends on content every year, yet it has not been able to build out successful franchise properties at the rate one might expect tens of billions of dollars invested to yield.

New Netflix CMO Bozoma Saint John will add emotion to the brand

The article quoted and linked above says that new Netflix CMO Bozoma Saint John is going to add “emotion” to the service. Netflix doesn’t need emotion it needs something much more basic:

Quality control.

That’s right, instead of releasing dozens of originals (there are 58 originals in July alone), release half that much higher quality movies, TV shows, miniseries, documentaries, specials, etc. Give us more Marriage Story and The Irishman (ok, but with a smaller budget) or Da 5 Bloods.

Figure out what TV seasons are working and renew those, decide what movies work best and make more of those, focus on marketing the winners and keep creating more. Focus, Netflix, focus.

They do a little of this, of course, but they definitely could do more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m digging Netflix and happy that they come up with so many different types of content. It just makes me wonder if by now — or soon — they slow down the production a little bit and become at least a little more laser-focused.

Do you like Netflix just the way it is? Would you rather they continue to focus on quantity over quality? It’s almost like they want to crank out the volume so they can boast about having a gadzillion exclusive titles. Sorry, you aren’t going to catch up with Amazon, Netflix, and don’t even think volume is that important to most subscribers. Quality of what you have and being able to find something interesting to watch trumps 10,000 titles we’re not interested in watching.

14 thoughts on “Does Netflix Release Too Many Originals? Maybe Ask New CMO Bozoma Saint John

  1. Disagree. I think that a lot of their originals have been really good. Except their anime. That was really bad. But the witcher, ozark, narcos, you, umbrella academy…there is always bad with good…but I think they have some really good shows that are good quality and they do a good job making things. Right now I am watching crazy delicious which is just a baking show but it’s cute and its creative and different. I think they have a good selection and know what people want to see and are good at putting it together.

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    1. Glad to hear you are enjoying their creative output. I definitely feel like we’re getting our money’s worth as subscribers but do worry that they are burning money like there’s no tomorrow. If they focuses on less quantity original content and higher quality, they would spend less too and might make more $$$.

      Seems like you mentioned primarily/only TV shows. I don’t watch as many of their TV shows, but did see all of Ozark that you mentioned and that was good. Haven’t seen any of the others you mentioned. Any particular favorite among them?


      1. Probably the Witcher, oh and I forgot about The Spy. It’s based on a true story about the most famous Israeli spy ever and stars Sascha Baron Cohen (?) Its so good. (But I like historical biographies, and I read the witcher books) I watch more shows as opposed to movies now because I feel like it let’s you get into the character development.
        But true. They are going to eventually have to charge more if they are putting out so much original content- but the again would rather pay a couple extra bucks a month outright for good originals the the rediculous costs amazon prime adds up, making you pay for additional seasons and episodes.

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  2. I agree with you on the volume of content from Netflix. I have been with them for many years and they do put out a lot; more than I can or will ever watch. And yes, sometimes the movies are not all that great. I am finding myself being more discriminating in my taste and not selecting so many movies to watch. I am also not feeling obligated to finish a movie that doesn’t grab me and give it a thumbs down; which I did recently with that Love Birds movie.

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    1. The Love Birds trailer is all anybody needs to watch — it has all the best material in those few minutes (“Take the grease!”).

      As for Netflix, yeah, I think with most anything too much is, well, too much. I also think they are trying to hit every demographic and regional area, in addition to genre which just adds to the volume problem.

      Hannah in another commented noted they seem to have a strength in some TV series, and I have watched more Netflix TV durng the pandemic, so she’s probably onto something there.

      Problem for me there is when they release season 4 of something that people are raving about and interests me,, I just can’t start watching season 4, i have to start at season 1 and catch up … it takes a long time to catch up on the backlog. It took me two weeks to catch up with Ozark — but that time spent was worth it.


      1. Yes, I don’t even bother with content that has multiple seasons. I would be watching TV forever and would never get anything in my life done! LOL! Like you, I have to go back to the first season to figure out what is happening. I just can’t start in the middle.

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  3. I miss having more recent films there – it seems everyone is working on their own streaming libraries now and Netflix is losing more and more, which is why they are relying on original content. I haven’t watched many of their originals. The few I have are usually ones there is good buzz about. There are many series’ that I start watching and never finish. I tend to get bored faster when I can binge versus watching once a week.

    I was just lamenting last night that the age f the family sitting down together at 8PM to watch TV together has passed us. Everyone sits in their own room streaming whatever they want.

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    1. You make a good point about prior TV time. The last show I remember watching on TV every week with the family was 24. That’s been almost 20 years ?!! Yikes. You’re sooo right that now we are separated.

      Kara and I watch movies in the theater together and some streaming movies.

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