No Birds of Prey 2, No Big Deal

Birds of Prey ⭐️⭐️½

If you were hoping for a sequel, then you might need to wait longer.

WarnerMedia lately seems to be as inconsistent and impulsive with their decision making as the character Harley Quinn with her manical ex-boyfriend Joker.

I wasn’t a fan of the Birds of Prey movie, despite wanting to love it. Felt like it should have been a live action version of the Harley Quinn adult animated TV series and instead we got this jumbled story with too many undeveloped minor characters and not enough Harley (see: 30+ Birds of Prey Reviews – Doctor Robotnik vs. Harley Quinn, “Physical Disadvantages” and Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda)

At any rate there was some talk about possible BOP sequel, but that now appears dead.

There had been plans in the works to make Birds of Prey 2, but they’ve reportedly been scrapped and everyone has moved on. Our source tells us, “Warners no longer believes in the concept or in the creative team behind the movie.”

Exclusive: Birds Of Prey 2 Is Now Dead At Warner Bros.

Is this coming from a credible source? No clue. But I agree it doesn’t deserve a sequel. Instead they should do like they did with Joker, just make a single name movie, Harley (or Harley Quinn). That’s the film people more wanted most to see. Margot Robbie can come back. The question is who would play Poison Ivy? I don’t think a broad audience cared that much about Birds of Prey 2.

Then again there is a camp that believes Harley Quinn is over-saturated, so maybe WarnerMedia would be wise to put Harley on ice and bring some other characters to the forefront for awhile? I think after the success of her adult animated show, she’s still a viable character in live action, but not mixed with Birds of Prey or some other group. Just tell a cool story with Poison Ivy and her out kicking butt.

What do you think?

6 thoughts on “No Birds of Prey 2, No Big Deal

  1. Heavily agree. I love the energy and vibe Margot brings to Harley, but the character’s live action adaptations haven’t done justice to the same. I’d prefer a genuine “solo” Harley movie that gives Margot the room she needs to do something great with the character as opposed to being sidelined in some group affair.

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      1. You’d think the data would point to Harley Quinn as a solo icon being the logical move. So many people love the character. She’s incredibly popular in mainstream media. With the success of Wonder Women and Joker, you’d think DC could put 2+2 together. I can only hope along with you.

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  2. They don’t believe in the creative team behind the movie yet they have the same writer working on the script for the Flash and Batgirl 😦 And considering her relationship with Margot Robbie as well would likely be the one to write anything with Ivy moving forward.

    I don’t know I would hope one day DC understands the importance of the writers on their projects. I’d love to see the creative team behind the animated show and/or Doom Patrol get a crack at the movies!

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