Yes, Stephen King Should Direct Again – How about an episode of Creepshow?

Maximum Overdrive ⭐️

With all the bad movies that have ever been made, including the one based on a short story that actually is good in Night Shift, I’d like to see my favorite writer, Stephen King sit in the director’s chair again.

The thing is, Maximum Overdrive likely isn’t representative of what today’s Stephen King would do as a director. The mid-1980s were a dark time for King, as he struggled with substance abuse issues, including alcohol and cocaine. He’s since admitted that he was high as a kite during Maximum Overdrive’s production, and not exactly in a great frame of mind. King has been clean and sober for decades now, and it’s quite likely a sober King would make much different choices behind the camera than he did in 1986.

Why Stephen King Should Direct Another Movie | Screen Rant

I agree, except think it would be an easier sell for him to direct something shorter.

Rather than take on a full-length movie, how about King directing an episode of Creepshow for Shudder? He has a plethora of short stories he could draw from or he easily could create something new. It seems like he never runs out of story ideas, so why not?

The King story “Survivor Type” from the excellent collection, Skeleton Crew would be just the type of brutal story King could go all-in on. That story was rumored to have already been optioned to Shudder, but I don’t have a definitive source to link on that. I remember reading that it was going to be a first season tale, but alas, they went with a different King story adaptation.

Meanwhile, Mike Flanagan is working next on an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel, Revival. Flanagan is going full speed dark on this one.

He went on to say that viewers shouldn’t expect him to find a spark of hope or a happy ending in this one. “This one was a really fun piece of material for me because I get to be like, ‘Oh you want a dark ending? Cool, get ready,’” he said.

Mike Flanagan’s Version of Stephen King’s Revival Is Going to Be Bleak

Oooo, this could be good! It’s too early for a FIRST LOOK on that, but expect to see that when the film is further along.

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