Charlize Theron Doesn’t Seem To Like Steven Seagal

Bombshell ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Following the 4th of July festivities, realizing that we have still several more weeks before theaters reopen (AMC on July 31, Regal now on July 30, sigh), cleaning up spent fireworks reminds me of something I saw earlier this week.

Charlize Theron is dialing up the diss on Steven Seagal.

The Mad Max: Fury Road star then justified her criticism of Seagal, 68, noting, “I have no problem talking s— about him because he’s not very nice to women so f— you!”

Charlize Theron Says ‘Overweight’ Steven Seagal ‘Can Barely Fight’: ‘He’s Not Very Nice to Women’

I enjoyed some of Seagal’s earliest few films, but haven’t seen an action film starring him as the lead in a long time that was worth recommending, in some cases not even worth watching.

Look, we all slow down as we age. Some will gain weight, some things sag, aging isn’t a pretty proposition. I’ve personally looked about 20 years older than I am for the last 10+ years, although because of my physical job, I’m in very good physical shape. Steven Seagal, however, looks like he went through the Star Trek transporter and had his 80s appearance and body fused with the present. I don’t think he should be in action films as the action hero in this physical condition. He never was a great actor, even in his prime, uttering lines like he’s whispering and gargling glass. Add to that, he seemed even a bit creepy at times.

Take Katherine Heigl who was a teenager when she starred in the Under Seige sequel (which I sort of enjoyed, despite it being a pretty bad movie). Listen to what she says about working with Seagal and remember, she had just turned 16:

“You know, Katie, I’ve got girlfriends your age,” Seagal said, according to Heigl on the last day of shooting.
“Isn’t that illegal?” Heigl replied.
“They don’t seem to mind,” Seagal said.
Heigl called out, “Mom!”

And then Jimmy Kimmel shows a picture with Seagal’s hand on Heigl’s breast with her mom wearing sunglasses in the background.

Yikes. Just not a good optic. I don’t know if it’s stranger that people are laughing in the audience over this or that Kimmel even brings this up. The whole video interview doesn’t make me laugh, it just creeps me out.

Related to Theron’s angsty comments? I don’t know.

Meanwhile, Charlize Theron has been in several recent movies that were not only worth watching, but at least one that I’ve recommended. So, one is relevant in 2020, the other was relevant 20 years ago.


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