Yes, am intrigued by the idea of Jonathan Frakes in charge of all Star Trek — IF only CBS would consider it

Am not a fan of what Alex Kurtzman has done with Star Trek so far. Discovery? Watched a few episodes and it didn’t connect. Picard? Bailed after the first seven episodes in disgust. Lower Decks? This appears to be his best chance of interesting me in one of his Star Trek related project, but I was interested in Picard at first.

Lower Decks will be available on CBS All Access Thursday August 6, 2020. This will keep me subscribed. I might rewatch the classic animated Star Trek this next month, because I remember that series fondly.

But back to the “what have you done for Star Trek lately” team.

J.J Abrams hasn’t done much better with Star Trek. I found the reboot entertaining and when I get around to rewatching and reviewing, it will probably be recommended (but no guarantees on that).

So, if someone else was going to be brought in as a future showrunner — and this is pure speculation by the writer below, as far as I know — who can take reins of Star Trek?

Red shirt is making an intriguing recommendation: Jonathan Frakes, Number One. Second in command aboard the Enterprise in The Next Generation and has directed both Star Trek TV episodes and films.

Frakes is the man to lay the Trek franchise onto. He understands the universe, the characters, the way to make the shows, and to frame the conversations. He wouldn’t just shoehorn ideas into the series, or makeup reasons to slam nostalgia down the fans throats. He knows fans want new stories, new adventures, and new characters.

It’s time to put Johnathan Frakes in charge of all Star Trek

I like this idea. No clue if CBS would consider making Frakes a showrunner, but the article writer isn’t wrong: he couldn’t do much worse than Akiva Goldsmith. That guy is 0 for 2 with me, but if he hits it out of the park with Lower Decks, he’s batting a cool .333. That’s a good batting average.

What do you think of the idea of Jonathon Frakes as a Star Trek showrunner? Would he do better than the current team? Worse? About the same?

2 thoughts on “Yes, am intrigued by the idea of Jonathan Frakes in charge of all Star Trek — IF only CBS would consider it

  1. People have pushed for Seth MacFarlane based on his work on The Orville and I would support that over Frakes. Based on his directing of the newer Trek he has some inclination towards what is currently being done so we might not get anything different. The Orville feels more like TNG and TOS and that’s why I support him.


    1. Have heard good things about The Orville. It’s on Hulu, isn’t it? Don’t have a sub to that at the moment, but it will be rotated back into our streamers at some point and plan to check it out the next time we’re in there.

      I wonder about the comedy though of MacFarlane? Do I want the guy behind Family Guy and Ted doing Star Trek? Maybe it would work, as there were definitely humor elements to the original Star Trek. It’s an interesting suggestion and definitely need to see what he’s done with The Orville.

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