The big three theater chains will all require wearing masks – except inside theater when eating and drinking


Those not used to them by now must live in some remote area of the world. Some clever artist needs to paint the world with masks including animals, plants, trees … every living thing should be masked.

And then like the band Kiss, after a vaccine is available, we can all unmask and sing, Lick It Up.

Ok, I’m being silly. I’ve been working more lately because, ironically, we lost a bunch of our temp labor and a lot of people aren’t wanting to work right now because they will make more on unemployment + the $600/week CARES Act. Yeah, don’t get me started on that.

But it’s good to know that all three movie theaters will require masks, but not inside the theater when eating and drinking. I was wondering how convenient it would be eating popcorn and drinking soda with a mask on.

“For the safety of our guests, employees and communities, Cinemark will require that face masks be worn throughout our theatres. Masks may be removed when eating and drinking inside the auditorium,” reads an updated Cinemark Standard safety policy on the chain’s website.

Cinemark Now Requiring All Guests To Wear Face Masks – Deadline

I’ve finally found a mask I like that doesn’t fog up my glasses very often. It’s got big comfortable string that’s yarn-like soft and comfortable. The fabric is double-mesh. My son gave it to me from his job because he wanted to wear a different type of mask. His loss, this mask is great and the price — free — even better!

Have you gone creative with your mask? Found one with some style or are you strictly the “give me whatever you have paper mask?” type?

3 thoughts on “The big three theater chains will all require wearing masks – except inside theater when eating and drinking

  1. Yeah, I got a couple of makes and models of masks. I tend to sweat on my face so I have had to try various ones to get the right one. I also have ones for short trips or for long days. A friend just emailed me a site for these cute fabric ones I am going to order and try. I think we will be in this for a while so might as well get comfortable as possible wearing a mask.

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    1. I didn’t think about that: how long we’ll be in this wearing a mask mode. Just guessing, but think it will be every bit the rest of this year and probably well into next. Until they find/develop a vaccine, I guess.


      1. Yes, that is exactly what I am thinking…until next year, maybe early next year. I am just setting my mind that way so I won’t be too disappointed. If it comes earlier that will be wonderful but if not then I will be okay…just keep doing what I am doing.


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