Companion Podcasts as Extras to Original Shows are Good Marketing and Fan Service

HBO Max subscribers, be sure to search for “podcast” to see extras / bonus content available

I’m a fan of extras and bonus content and have noticed an increase in podcasts that launch after a show is over and sometimes – as in the case of Picard – run concurrently.

After Love is Blind ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ on Netflix, iHeartMedia released a weekly podcast co-hosted by one of the cast, Gi called Love In Sight. It ran for about 10 episodes then kind of just ended. I listened to every episode and found them to be informative and substantive for the most part, adding to the content of the show.

WarnerMedia, perhaps inspired in part by Netflix (or more likely being pitched by iHeartMedia), has been adding podcasts to some of their shows.

WarnerMedia’s HBO has already dabbled in podcasting, recently releasing companion series to TV shows Chernobyl, Watchmen and McMillions. Like those podcasts, the new shows from WarnerMedia and iHeart will be available to stream on the HBO Max app. (Users can only listen to podcasts if the app is open and the screen is on, but WarnerMedia is planning to build new features that make it easier to listen on the go.) The new shows will also be available via iHeartRadio and other podcast platforms.

WarnerMedia, iHeartMedia to Produce Companion Podcasts for HBO Max Shows (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter

After reading this I went straight to the McMillion$ show page on HBO Max (HBO Max subscription required to follow that link) to check out the podcast referenced. Just watched and reviewed that recently (you’ll see this posted in the next week). To my surprise, there were no extras listed under HBO Max for the McMillion$ show. Come on, webmaster, you have extras/bonus content and aren’t linking it on the show page?!?!

So, next I did a search and it went to asking me to “log in.” My HBO Max login wouldn’t work on the site for some reason(?) so I thought of other ways to find this on HBO Max.

I ran the same “podcast” search on HBO Max and found the seven additional McMillion$ podcast episodes. Almost as much content as the actual show from a run time comparison. Wow. Still can’t believe it’s not linked on the show page. How would viewers like us know this even existed?

Add this to the list of sloppy HBO Max launch moves. They spend money making a podcast and then don’t even link promote it in an obvious place on their site.

As for the idea of adding podcasts to provide extra/bonus content to a show? Very smart marketing that can extend the life of a TV series or show and keep fans engaged in between seasons. In the case of McMillion$ shown above, it can provide more content that couldn’t, for whatever reason, make it into the show.

Do you like the idea of podcasts to cover extras/bonus content for shows you’ve enjoyed watching?

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