Mackenzie Davis thinks another Terminator sequel would be “quite insane” – I disagree

Sequels are less desirable than new movies, sure, but sequels aren’t the problem. Bad sequels are.

Terminator: Dark Fate ⭐️⭐️½ , in my opinion, was a bad sequel. I don’t want to rehash all the reasons that support my thinking (for those curious, see: 20+ Reviews – Terminator: Dark Fate is Ironic, Prophetic Title), but let’s look at Mackenzie Davis’ quote:

“I really loved the movie and I’m so proud of what we did, but there wasn’t a demand for it [at the box office] and to think that there’d be a demand for a seventh film is quite insane. You should just pay attention to what audiences want – and they want new things and I want new things.

‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ star Mackenzie Davis: “Thinking there’d be demand for a seventh film is insane”

The problem with quotes like this are context. We must assume Mackenzie means another Dark Fate Terminator film.

Totally agree with Mackenzie that few moviegoers wants to see part 2 and 3 of the intended trilogy surrounding the Dark Fate timeline with a bloated budget in the theaters. If that’s what she meant and only that, my headline is false and should read: I agree.

But she said a “seventh film.”

Mark my words, there will be another Terminator film someday. I don’t think that should be any time soon. In fact, if the IP were mine I’d recommend something along the Sarah Connor Chronicles route: a series on one of the streaming services to repair the franchise (think The Mandalorian and Star Wars). And it shouldn’t under any shape or form deal with the Dark Fate timeline.

The Terminator world is worth revisiting given a good story. I don’t think Tim Miller should have anything to do with it and, unless he’s taking the director’s chair, neither should James Cameron. Too bad, because Terminator should be Cameron’s baby, but after Dark Fate his street cred with the franchise is suspect at best.

When James Cameron gets done working on the multiple Avatar sequels if he announces he is going to write and direct a true Terminator 3, the one we thought we were getting with Dark Fate, yes, I’d be at least somewhat interested. Would you?

Not lobbying for this to happen, just saying that too many bad sequels can spoil a franchise and there’s little arguing that Terminator now has franchise fatigue. That fatigue doesn’t last forever, nor should it.

For awhile Halloween was considered sequel-d out. Friday the 13th is another one that people have said: too many sequels. What they’re really saying, what they truly mean, is no more bad sequels. Diehard? Too many sequels? When Jurassic Park started sucking, they waited and went with Jurassic World.

The way these streaming channels right now are everywhere hungry for content, Terminator is worthy of considering for some kind of project, just please no Dark Fate timeline.

Agree/disagree? Do you never want to see another Terminator movie or TV show?

3 thoughts on “Mackenzie Davis thinks another Terminator sequel would be “quite insane” – I disagree

    1. Well said. I didn’t follow the comics. Who publishes those? Any recommended issues in particular?

      I’ve been thinking lately that a pandemic like this would be a creative and less terminator violent Skynet wants to kill off the human race without being so obvious about it (we’d just pull the plug on the machines). Perhaps Skynet decides to use a virus to cull the human numbers and these are the early days of how the end of the world started (versus a nuclear war).

      It would be timely and not require any of the Sarah/John Connor or any of the Dark Fate nonsense and could provide for some really cool stories around the formation of Skynet, which, to me is an interesting story that could be explored in a multiple season TV series.


  1. I have yet to see Dark Fate, as with Genisys it can wait until I can buy a cheap DVD for £1 in Oxfam. I agree with you and the other comment – the Sarah/John ideas have been exploited. For all its faults at least ‘Salvation’ tried something new and, for me, is the best Terminator since T2.

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