TV SERIES Review: Stargirl S1E6 – The Justice Society ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Season 1
DC Universe / CW
June 21, 2020 @ 9:00pm PT (GMT-8)

Episode 6 – The Justice Society

Every Sunday night on the west coast in the United States at 9pm PT, a new episode of Stargirl!

Opens on the football field with a female player knocking out a male player with an attitude. The coach benches her. Cut to Stargirl-Courtney returning home only to find Pat waiting to give her an earful about how she has been recruiting the Justice Society without his assistance: Wildcat, Hourman and Doctor Mid-Nite. Pat wants Courtney to get back the powerful items and costumes back because she’s endangered her newfound friends.

Courtney meets with Wildcat-Yolanda and she mentions how much she likes being Wildcat. Court doesn’t have the heart to break it to her.

Doctor Mid-Nite-Beth is next. She’s scanning Fahrenheit 451 with her goggles that she has codenamed Chuck and thanks Court. A cool nod to Ray Bradbury! (Don’t burn books).

Doctor Mid-Nite Beth is standing by for official JSA business

At lunch Court reapproaches Yolanda and Beth and asks them to return the empowered items. Neither wants to and they walk away. Meanwhile, Pat is working on getting back the hourglass from Rick. He fails, too.

Behind the field grandstands, Rick has Doctor Mid-Nite Beth read the book and it triggers a hack from the gambler, a villain that hacks into everything. The young Justice Society decides to team up and take down the gambler.

Little to they know, but Icicle has two attack dogs ready to protect and fight (see top image).

Will The Gambler get away with his devious hacking scheme? Who will win the fight? You’ll have to tune into episode 6 to find out.


This is what I’m tuning into watch each week. Great episode. It has the team finally assembled and taking on the Injustice Society. Hopefully the stakes get ramped up even further from here. By the end of the episode it sure sounds like we’re headed that direction.

We’re back on track. Entertaining, exciting and fun. My favorite episode of the first season thus far.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


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