Sure, why not? HBO Max and DC Comics Available as FREE Comic Downloads

Download the FREE HBO To The Max Comics on Google Play:
Issue #1 | #2 | #3

Led with the most important thing every article I’ve read seems to bury (tighten it up, folks! Readers want the good stuff EASY TO FIND!!!!). So, before you read anything some blogger you probably don’t know has to say, go download the new HBO Max comic books from DC and judge whether they are worthwhile or not.

It’s hard to bash FREE. There are always people who will and do and god bless ’em, but …

Me? I just downloaded them but haven’t read yet so I can’t review them (and I wouldn’t review a comic book here anyway, we don’t do movies and TV reviews only). Honestly, I’m more intrigued by the idea and concept than whether or not the storyline in these comics is any good.

Will make a confession.

I am a longtime fan of comic books, but only got back into them within the last six months or so. As a child growing into my young teens, I was all about Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and some others (The Amazing Spider-Man, Superman, and … well the list goes on) then I “grew up.” A stupid way of saying now that I’m in my 50s it was dumb to ever leave comics behind. Never should have grown up. I missed a lot of exciting, fun reading.

Stupid is leaving behind something “childish” for something that keeps you young. Comics keep us young in the mind. Shame on me. Anything that keeps our minds young is worth holding onto in the entertainment sphere.

So, I will always thank Harley Quinn and DC Universe for reminding me that comic books are there.

Is it dumb to have HBO Max as a comic book? Not if you are a comic book company. And, hello, that’s DC! WarnerMedia has HBO Max and DC and perhaps this is another sign that HBO Max and DC Universe are closer to being together than we think and definitely under the same umbrella (BTW, the FREE HBO To The Max comics are also available under DC Universe comics reading app too, link here)

Ok, so some are reviewing the comics if you want to dig into that before reading them yourself and deciding if it’s just a shameless plug opportunity or, well, not a bad idea at least (that’s where I’m leaning, even if the stories suck).

Look, these comics are always going to be some kind of terrible. It’s brands trying to be cool, and that almost never goes the way they think it’s going to. But DC and HBO could’ve embraced how absolutely hokey the concept of “Let’s say our new streaming service turns into a dog that gives people superpowers” is and rolled with the goofiness. At their best, comics revel in the absurdity unfolding across their pages, sharing in the joy of just how potent yet also incredibly silly superheroic storytelling can be.

HBO Max and DC Comics’ Superhero Promo Series Is Awful

Your turn.

Are you pro or con with the idea of these HBO ‘To The Max’ Comic books?

Whether or not they will get you back into comic book reading probably is a no for most people, but let me suggest digging into DC Universe for their 22,000+ comics available to read. If you’re already a subscriber, you have them right now. That’s a ton of comics to check out and I guarantee that if you are any kind of child at heart like me that enjoyed comics you’ll find something to warm your mind and spirit therein.


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